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  1. Love it. LGW Nostalgia. Now we just need Jimmy and BoS back.
  2. Will you please do the honors?
  3. Ahh you’re right, I remember pm’ing The Vlad and asking her why Zombo got suspended for Billy babes thread bump. She gave me an... Intelligent Response. PS do you happen to know what Zombo’s avatar was he used for a while? It was a cartoon pic of a guy in black sunglasses smoking a cig. Couldn’t find it anywhere on goog
  4. kickazz

    Blashill expected back next season...

    Anyone else hate Blashill’s head?
  5. kickazz

    Looks like we have a goalie next year

    Welcome back!
  6. kickazz

    Blashill expected back next season...

    Interesting that Yzerman wants Blashill back.
  7. Nah it’s tiny This is all true but if I’m not mistaken that one week ban was because Billy boy had a argument with the Zombo, no?
  8. @vladdy16 ran a tight ship
  9. Bill Berzeench got Rick Zombo banned last time. Who will get who banned this time? Stay tuned.
  10. Maybe in bed but not on ice.
  11. I hate to say it but players who are usually at a disadvantage (aren't the biggest guys, aren't the fastest) are usually the smartest and most adaptable. Yzerman, Patrick Kane, Datsyuk, Zetterberg are a few that come to mind that were either small players who used their wits to make it far.
  12. Agreed. Larkin’s speed drives his style of game. He’s not your Datsyuk type finesse player that tricks the opponent. He’s not your Zetterberg type player that outsmarts opponents with limited abilities. He’s a fast player that uses it to his advantage. What happens when his speed runs out? Can he finesse his way through? Is he as smart as Zet and adaptable as Zet or someone like Thornton? I don’t think so.
  13. Hence he should also be a penalty killer. Of course you agree with that
  14. Rasmussen is ____ and he ____. Fill in the blanks @Dabura
  15. That’s the curse of being contrarian.
  16. It was a comeback. A retort to my comment. A way to satisfy you in the crux of this little discussion.
  17. Beyond the destruction of JoMa in this post, on a serious note, AA is one streaky player. Which could mean Larkin could end up breaking 30 before him.
  18. That’s just a lame comeback
  19. We turn our “L”s into “Lick my s*** Babcock, we’re getting that cup first!”
  20. kickazz

    Let's play "YOU are are league disciplinarian"

    No obviously he wasn't trying to kill him, it was a hyperbole.
  21. Yeah I mean if it was a superstar player then you keep him for sure; no questions asked. But a guy like Nyquist that ultimately wasn't really a difference maker (a good player but not the type that would change the momentum of a game) isn't worth throwing money at for 5 years or something. Put it this way, if it was 37 year old Datsyuk instead of 29 year old Nyquist on the trade deadline, this year, I would have kept older Datsyuk. That guy could convert a 1 goal game into a tie or a tie into a last minute lead easily and almost with a guarantee. If we wen't back to becoming super try-hards that kept getting 20th picks and kept getting early playoff round eliminations I would go crazy. That 2012-2017 limbo period was very frustrating. Zet and Dats just didn't have the help. We need to build correctly and Holland has more of less echoed this. 1-2 years of good high end draft picks and we might be there. I'm honestly excited for this years draft more than any draft since I've been alive just because we might end up getting #1.
  22. kickazz

    Let's play "YOU are are league disciplinarian"

    He harai goshi'd him holy s***.. Judo has no place in hockey. That s*** is meant to be done on a rubber mat or in a ring that's pliable and bouncy (like MMA or WWE). Not on ICE. Wouldn't be surprised if he got a lifetime ban. Could have paralyzed or killed the guy instantly.. Helmet basically saved him. Do people not learn from the Todd Bertuzzi situation? Hockey fights are fun and great but damn try not to kill the guy..