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  1. Pre sale code/password for Round 2?

    Anyone know the code for round 2 on ticketmaster??? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'll even buy you a beer at game 3!
  2. Start of next series?

    Ahhh gotcha. Makes sense. OK. Anyone have the pre sale code for ticketmaster? I want to get game 3 tickets.
  3. Start of next series?

    OK cool. My buddy said Red Wings twitter said we would be in Chicago Wednesday and Saturday. Seems weird they would have two days off between games in Chicago, but hey that works for us. Detroit could use the extra rest.
  4. Start of next series?

    Anyone hear any word on the start? My dad called and said he heard that game 3 and 4 would be next Mon/Wed, and I was thinking no way. I'd think we'd have to start in Chicago Wednesday this week, so that'd be Chicago Wed and Friday, then back in Detroit Sunday and Tuesday. Just wondering if anyone heard anything, and have any season ticket holders gotten an email about a presale for home games 1 and 2?