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    I play music and I watch hockey, that's all I got.

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  1. This is how I imagine the talks are going thus far...
  2. In my NHL 14 season mode, I traded Cleary and Quincey for Niskanen halfway through the season. Seems like a fair deal right?
  3. Just saw this in my Youtube feed, loved every second of it. Makes me even more proud to be a fan of this organization. Best wishes to Kelly, and atta boy Jimbo
  4. As long as Chicago loses, all is right in the world
  5. After hearing that fans were throwing trash at the Habs and seeing all the racist tweets after the game, I gotta say if I were a Bruins fan I would be ashamed to watch my fellow fans do that. I know that obviously not all of their fans act this way but Jebus Christ whoever was contributing to it truly is the turd stain on the underpants of society.
  6. Denver did a similar thing for the AFC championship game as well, they blocked out as many New England fans from buying tickets as they could
  7. Can we all just watch this video and pretend yesterday didn't happen.
  8. gdt

    If only we had Dan Cleary on the ice
  9. gdt

    Pav juked Franzen so hard right there
  10. gdt

    The beak is angry
  11. gdt

    The Marchand family is officiating this game. Edzo is creamin in his pants
  12. gdt

    sweet pirouette there, bunch of ballerinas in boston
  13. gdt

    You guys they listened to me!!!!
  14. gdt

    Let's go for 2 shots this time on the PP. I know that's asking a bit much but I think we can do it