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  1. Hmmmm, yes...
  2. Really? Nyquist has proven he can score here while playing relatively well defensively. I can't say the same for Brunner.
  3. How does this kid project? I couldn't find any of those nice little write ups by the scouts.
  4. Toews isn't worth that cap hit.
  5. edit: I figured it out
  6. Good to see Chris has no idea what's going on. In what sense is Ken Holland an excellent gm? He hasn't made any remarkable moves, he's sticking with a coach who can't seem to figure it out (while there are some very good coaches up for grabs out there right now). We haven't even efficiently declined into mediocrity, assets have been wasted on numerous occasions. Disheartening to hear that Chris is content maintaining the status quo, being below average.
  7. One of the smoothest looking SO goals I've seen in a while, he looks to have a natural talent for stick handling. That was the first time I've gotten to see him play and I'm excited about what I saw, the potential is there.
  8. If Zetterberg keeps going like this, where it really feels like he's giving it all to put the team on his back, I'd say he would deserve it. Datsyuk is probably my favorite player of all time, but I think he would've had to have stuck around a bit longer for a jersey retirement. As it is there's just a funny taste from his leaving prematurely, even if I personally am not that upset about it.
  9. Ah yes, otherwise shame may be brought upon their famiree's.
  10. Don't know much about either of these two. Can anyone be so kind as to share their opinion of their potential ceilings?
  11. Anyone else think that Kronwall should be the net front presence on our PP? Guy is legit at screening goalies...........
  12. If you're not excited about this AA kid yet, it's time to get there folks.
  13. I was born in late 89, so I'm right there with you.
  14. Also, I'm pretty sure Marchenko's goal was against us. Anyone can score against us, should only count as half a goal.
  15. I think Datsyuk has some sneaky rage. He would always come back a few minutes later after being hit and level the guy who did it. Always loved it.