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  1. Always good when we score first!
  2. Did you see that Chicago non-goal (in the 3rd) clang off both pipes? Haha! Life is good tonight, huh?!
  3. I have to say that I don't believe that Holland has suddenly gotten stupid ... He's had a hand in building some pretty good teams for us. I do hate that a lot of our higher paid players didn't step up this year (especially in the playoffs) ... Our consistency has been pretty darn terrible! But this isn't just a 2016 problem, I don't think anyone would disagree that we've been in a steady state of decline over the last few years. And I think there's plenty of blame to go around for that. That being said, while Holland has a lot of responsibility for WHO we have, Blashill has responsibility for WHAT we're doing with it. And I think a good share of this year's failure falls back on coaching decisions and player inconsistency (and you could argue that "preparedness" and "motivation" are a coach's responsibility). When we've had good games, you can see the potential that we have as a team. It just never seemed like we were constantly clicking on all cylinders this year. Am I alone in thinking that yeah, I wish we had some "better" players, but that some of the players we do have simply didn't show up some nights? I will say that in years past, win or lose, I liked the players on our team so much, I would've hated to see almost any of them traded. This year, not so much... I'm just anxious for some positive change.
  4. Just got home from a business trip and just saw the final score. Heartbreaking way to lose, but almost appropriate for this year. The Wings have been under-performing all year long... It should never have come down to stuff like needing other teams to lose to get in the playoffs (they've blown so many games they should've won this year, it isn't even funny) or losing a key game because of one goalie mistake... If they'd scored some freaking goals tonight, one mistake wouldn't have ended their season. But that's been their sad story all year.... Heck they're won ONE game in the last seven (arguably) "must win/critical" games to close this year out (since Philly).... All I know is that there has to be a big shakeup in the off-season ... This team needs a retread.... All I can say is ...... Go Tigers!
  5. gdt

    I'm very disappointed the way things have turned out with Blashill this year. Maybe that's somewhat on me, but man... It seems like they built him up to be something potentially even better than Babcock. Current disappointment aside, maybe the real test for his abilities is in the next year or two. Cooler heads would likely argue that... In the meantime, as much as I would love to see the Wings win the cup every year, realistically, this is/was not likely going to be their year anyway... Not with the team we have.
  6. gdt

    Simple math.... You don't always win when you score 2 goals a game...
  7. GDT

    One down, three to go!!!
  8. GDT

    Great, great game!!!!!!
  9. GDT

    Good to get out of the period w/ the 2 goal lead....
  10. GDT

    That was dumb penalty, Z!
  11. GDT

    Talk about desperate to take this goal off the boards!!
  12. GDT

    That shooould be a goal....
  13. GDT

    Which Wings team will come out for the second period? Or the third?
  14. Part of the problem with us trying unload these underperforming players is that we (the Wings fans) are not the only ones around that see that they're underperforming.....