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  1. RT @mikeFAIL: Good god Tatar is a blessing to this sport

  2. @SPLstats @celticfc Falkirk aren't in the top league.

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  4. Classic

  5. RT @aHellofaBeating: How dominant were Celtic in semi-final? In the 112 Premiership games this season no team has conceded more shots than…

  6. Trying to buy codes from and the nonces want all my personal details. Jog on, I'll just get my Live straight from MS

  7. RT @GTPlanetNews: The Hori RWA is The Newest Entry to The Budget Wheel Arena

  8. RT @rule34_txt: **** the most effective weapon against males

  9. RT @Nibellion:

  10. Gladbach dominated, we didn't deserve a heypenny

  11. Amy Schumer is the definition of s*** comedian

  12. RT @TheSteveBurnio: Some s***e refereeing? In a Premier League game? are you sure

  13. RT @Philswagielka: "Evans is a disgrace for using girls as sexual objects! By the way, go and check out Ola's **** on pages 2&3" https://t.…

  14. Had a Five Guys earlier

  15. And this didn't happen to Ched? ????