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  1. Twitter Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime someone with an American flag/icon as their profile picture defends Trump

  2. RT @SNCKPCK: zoom into the dog nose

  3. RT @BlackNerd: My time is now... to play #12Switch with @JohnCena at a special #NintendoSwitch event! Thanks @NintendoAmerica!…

  4. My hype for the Nintendo Switch is plummeting because of this JoyCon caper. Surely they haven't f***ed it

  5. RT @LewinsNatalie: Did anyone else realise the skeletons on Katy Perry's Brit Awards performance is Theresa May and Donald Trump????? #BRITs20…

  6. Wait till he sees the floating pitch.

  7. 2019 Team is shaping up nicely

  8. 'C-Celtic fans care more about Rangers than their own team' -'S-Second was the aim, we were unlucky' -'We've g-go…

  9. RT @DabOnEmFolk: Joey Barton is still a scumbag

  10. RT @EamoV1: Chris Tarrant Repeating Greetings [DELUXE EDITION]

  11. RT @AberdeenFC: FULL TIME! Aberdeen 7-2 Motherwell! | #DonsLIVE What a game! The Dons move clear in second place with a 7-2 victory at Pitt…

  12. RT @DetroitRedWings: Happy Birthday, @pmrazek34! ???????????? #LGRW

  13. RT @boocanan: when you self-retweet

  14. Just leave, Blashill.

  15. Funniest part of English football fans is when they get fisted off teams from Germany and Spain,whilst still saying 'best in world' #Pottery