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  1. @NirandfarBitton @celticfc Feel free matey ha

  2. RT @NBAInside_Stuff: This dude is playing 2K in class????????

  3. You've heard of Elf on a shelf, now get ready for...

  4. RT @GTPlanetNews: " #WRC7 blends a significant shot of realism with fantastic level design." — our @wrcthegame review is now live: https://…

  5. PES 2018 is so slow. It's really hard to adapt, plus the input lag online makes online divisions absolute bants

  6. RT @GMFCNews: Jai Quitongo's screamer today against QoS (credit to @martinwitherow1)

  7. Yasssss

  8. @pioneerspine Can't wait to reach the Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse.

  9. @pioneerspine Aren't you forgetting about the in-depth career?????

  10. RT @ndonnelly88_: @NJDevils How many retweets for free season tickets?

  11. @KierenOneill What is even the correct response to that question.????????

  12. What an odd unexpected year for Men's Tennis. Congrats Nadal on the @usopen win!

  13. ????

  14. RT @AlwaysSunnyQOTD: “I’m just picking my team." "No. You can't take all the-" "What should I not pick?" "You know exactly what you've d…

  15. HA.