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  1. RT @sandalshagger: Just met Griezmann and asked him if he's coming to United and he said "Haha f*** off you paki where's my curry" https://…

  2. RT @hmclandress: i don't think bbc reporters should be talking about potential terrorist attacks in the style of third-rate novelists https…

  3. @cnni 'losers' - He has such a way with words.

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  5. RT @xboxuk: RT and Follow for your chance to win #TOTS Hazard ???? Winner announced Monday ????

  6. If you're Scottish and vote Tory just vanish

  7. @cnni @cnnsport Photoshop level: 9000


  9. @nintendolife

  10. @pioneerspine ..not so mucj

  11. RT @Rowdy_Official: Cheers @SkySportsNewsHQ

  12. RT @DaftLimmy: Dad sent me to the drug store for meds. He never learns. ????????????????

  13. Limmy is truly one of the comedy greats of our time.

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  15. RT @GnarleeTweets: @MeanwhileScotia Here's one without the signature wiped off. Cartoon by Thomas Taylor.