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  1. GDT

    We need franzen back....before all the concussions..
  2. Signed

    Brad Richards' playoff bonus is $250,000 for winning one round, another $750,000 for winning two rounds.
  3. Signed

    Why do we need another center? Maybe a muli-player deal coming up? Nah who am i kidding...
  4. Signed

    I like smith's attitude, but his play has been lackluster under bab's. Hopefully he can somehow become a good offensive d-man we all wanted him to be under blashy.
  5. I agree, I'd much rather cut fat off with a hacksaw then burn it off. And yes, theirs no way he cant be number #1 easily our best player in the playoffs.
  6. We cant lose this game 7, Kronwall will blame himself and never Kronwall people again. Rally off this Detroit, We got this.
  7. This game has got me nervous bout playoffs right around the corner.
  8. Pretty safe to assume this is the last year the monster is gonna be in the winged wheel. To bad for him he's pretty clutch and could definitely be a nhl backup if he wasnt so injury prone. godspeed gus.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5DFSD3ZpJk This is probably where he got injured, didnt look like much to me. Unless zetterberg was really franzen in disguise.
  10. Franson for Franzen, Win/Win? Both those names on the same team would really be tiring. Chances of this trade happening is 0. Maybe a mutiple player both ways deal would work out better, but the players in that deal id have no idea.
  11. gdt

    Jimmy Howard zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz couldnt save a beachball
  12. Signed

    Looks like i was right for tatar
  13. Signed

    im gonna say Dekeyser at 3.75mil per for 3 years and Tatar 2.75mil per for 3
  14. Im no preds fan at all, but those moves were cool to watch no matter what your team is.