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  1. Yup, please get "Smith for pick to anyone" done.
  2. I really like XO, would never leave him unprotected. Jensen too. Leave all the overpaid guys for grabs and hope for bad management in Vegas. Best chance to fix your cap you'll ever get.
  3. What opportunity? You could count the times, where he was used the way he should be (2nd or 3rd line) for 5 or more games in a row, on one hand... You want talent to develop? Put it in the right situation, enable it to grow, have a little patience with it. Jurco was mostly on the 4th line trying to do checking with guys like Luke and
  4. I don't get these people...why wouldn't he do that??
  5. Btw...usually, you can disable status messages like that Tapatalk nonsense...
  6. Friend of mine said, selling all out at this point doesn't make sense, at least not for this years picks, because next years draft might be a lot better than this year...
  7. I can't get over the fact we're still playing him...over anybody...
  8. Which would be ok, if that happens to everyone. But it does not. What did Lucic get for spearing Danny, 5k?
  9. I hope Chris Illitch decides to sell Kenny...maybe to Walmart, they could use him packing bags. ......... What pisses me off the most right now is, as bad as we've been, we can't catch a break either way. Hitting bar and post when the game was still in reach...can't those things go in, for f***s sake?
  10. Took me 5 seconds.. Oh, and when you click on "compare this contract", you get an idea how bad it really is..
  11. Heeey...this at least makes Blashill less likely to sit Ouellet for no reason at all..
  12. @kickazz: I wouldn't have complained about a 36 year old leaving after a one-year-deal, believe me. With the cap the way it is, the shorter the term on older players, the better..
  13. Players and agents sign everything that benefits them. Your GM gets paid for being smarter than them. It's as simple as that.
  14. Giving a 3-year-deal..there was talk about Pavel potentially leaving before... And, even more importantly...bad management for years, wasting cap with crap and thus not presenting a real opportunity to your star players.. I doubt Nick had even retired if this team had still been contending.
  15. I don't even blame Datsyuks agent. The guy is looking for his own money, he gets a share, so hell yeah he is going for the 3-year-deal.. You want to blame someone, if anything, blame Holland. And feel sorry for Pavel for (partially) ruining his own legacy in Detroit...for a difference of just one year...had he been signed for many years more and his daughter became seriously ill or something like that, no problem, go ahead, i'd understand it. But this way? Not so much..