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  1. gdt

    franzen gone. Legwand - gone. Kindl, lashoff - gone. Should we be worried that tatar, nyquist, jurco, shehan didn't score a SINGLE goal. i mean theres only so much that dats and z can do. Major changes need to be made.
  2. gdt

    i bet its franzen who messed up.
  3. gdt

    i really feel for the monster right now. good job franzen for turning it over. good job mule.
  4. gdt

    see how simple that is. z doesn't blast it on the net. Learn kronwall learn. ALl you gotta do is get it through.
  5. gdt

    only good chance his period was a play made by franzen and alfie. other than that. Nothing. and i like the idea that someone mentioned, Miller with Dats and z would be much better than abby with them.
  6. gdt

    oh no doubt. BUT you have to also see that some matchups are just not working. Boston might be better but red wings aren't bad either. They beat them this year in the regular season and most of the players are the same from last years playoffs where we beat the ducks and almost beat the hawks. Abby has no passing skills whatsoever, its a waste for datsyuk or zetterberg to try and pass to the guy because all he does is go in the corner, lose a battle and turns the puck over.
  7. gdt

    the thing is. it Actually gives us two lines that are a threat. i dont get why babcock isn't doing that.
  8. gdt

    kronwall thinks hes lidstrom with his slapper. changes need to be made: id put franzen, nyquist, zetterberg together. Tatar, alfie, datsyuk.
  9. gdt

    kronwall really makes some stupid decisions. only shoot it if you can get it through.
  10. gdt

    abby on the first line isnt working. Whether you like it or not. it just isnt working. Its great to think that he'll be good and open up room for dats and z BUT nope it just doesn't work. He just doesnt have good passing skills to be effective. kills our possession.
  11. GDT

    PLease no more of that cleary, abdel, dats LIne. PLEASE.
  12. GDT

    what are these 6th liners cleary and abdel doing with datsyuk. its frustrating.