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  1. You're right. 52 for Kronwall, 58 for Ericsson (Shocker). I think most offensive defensemen lead in giveaways but what disappoints me the most is that Kronwall was suppose to develop this two-way game and sadly I feel he hasn't reached his full-potential of his two-way game.
  2. If he gets a say in roster control for Toronto then I see it being a possibility but I can't imagine a coach leaving a playoff team for a rebuilding team, regardless of money.
  3. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2015/04/30/mike-babcock-job-rumors/26629133/
  4. "You don't know what you got until it's gone" Ken Holland is an outstanding General Manager and anyone who says that he "overspends" or makes poor offseason decisions is insane. We've been spoiled and he always finds a way to keep our team competitive. Free Agency is not the same market like it was before the salary cap, all it is is a bunch of overpriced players who are looking for a new home and a raise. Sure you'll find a couple "key" players but you have to think about the nucleus of the team before disrupting it with a couple veterans. Hollands seeks for role players and that's how it should be. He made his offers, some declined and some took a chance. I don't blame him for last offseason, he tried getting right-handed shots and those who provide depth on special teams. Stephen Weiss was a Mike Babcock signing, look it up. Colaiacovo was a need, they had no defensemen! Tootoo was a body they needed on the 4th, Babcock endorsed it. Alfie and Modano=Powerplay support, look up their Powerplay stats from 2010-2014 it was a need. Gustavesson solid backup. Commer and Sammy was bad signings, he's not a perfect GM. His best signing was Brunner and Glendening. If you want to give him a star you should thank Holland for not giving Brunner the 3 year, $3.5 million per yr Brunner's agent asked.
  5. Anyone that says Mike Babcock is overrated or that we won't miss him if he leaves hasn't witness an organizational collapse. Ask Dallas when they let go of Hitchcock, Toronto when they let go of Pat Quinn, Colorado when they let go of Hartley, St. Louis with Quineville..etc. Mike Babcock is the reason why we continue to make the playoffs and I believe he will come back. The only way he leaves is how much Toronto is willing give him roster control, that can be tricky.
  6. I scouted Hyman when I was a scout and here's what I can say about him. Good size, shifty in the offensive zone but lacks of constancy.
  7. I still don't get why some people think Kronwall is a "#1" defenseman? I thought he thought he played not only his worse playoffs but the entire season based on mental mistakes. I've never seen a defenseman who logs the most ice time with so many turn overs in the defensive zone.
  8. I know Bud Lynch's absence has something to do with the annoyance but the announcer's voice (no offense to anyone that knows him personally) doesn't fit well with Hockey. Yeah but it's a college and they need sponsors. But we're talking about an original 6 NHL Franchise that should be using this sponsor in a different way, let alone the amount of sponsor banners around the scoreboard.
  9. gdt

    This team has to get their act together. You might want to get a monster jersey after this one.
  10. gdt

    I bet Jimmy Howard is in no hurry in coming back... Bad backchecking, bad defense.
  11. gdt

    You know you are a failing franchise when you see a Scott Gomez Jersey in the front row.
  12. gdt

    This game is disgusting.. Goaltender is out of position 80% of the time, Carrying the puck in front of our own goal with no hockey sense, Creating stupid penalties and were forgetting how to backcheck.
  13. gdt

    Buy one, get four free night.
  14. gdt

    Monster is standing tall.