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  1. Rebuilding Thoughts..

    I think there are some gaps to fill, but the number one concern is a natural goal scorer that is worth 30+ goals / season. I look forward to tartar and nyquist getting some solid work in over the off season and getting to play a full season next year being centered by Zetterberg or Datsyuk. Also i think with some more work and experience Brunner could be worth 25+ goals. I like the team we have now and i wouldnt want to see a huge change unless it is for a keith Yandle type defencemen or a Bobby Ryan type forward. Both of those players with the chance to let our young players grow will be a promising year.
  2. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    please make a trade.
  3. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Went from 7th in goals to 19th this season. Brunner was supposed to fill the gap, and he has done a great job, but there needs to be more scoring.
  4. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    at this time DET doesn't think adding a big player will make them more competitive to win the cup than doing nothing at all. You keep hearing them say anyone can win, and everything is so close. I like the det squad right now but sometimes its like they dont show up to play. DET is in desperate need of someone who can score 30+ goals a year. That would put them into contention to run at the cup.