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  1. Need a place to stay in Det. for 1st time at Joe

    Come on guys, I just need a couch and a shower.
  2. Hello fellas! I´m a Detroit Wings fan from South Brazil and I never been to The Joe. I watched the champion Wings back in 2001 in LA when I used to live in California. Isn´t enough cause my dream is to go to the Joe and watch the game in a real Wings environment! Anyways, today some airline in Brazil went crazy and they have this one-day opportunity with tickets for some destinations in America for unreal prices. To my place here to Detroit for R$ 700, that´s less than US$ 350. Anyways, I never had the money to go to Detroit and that´s my chance. The problem is I won´t have the money to stay in an hotel for that. The ticket demands me to stay for at least 6 days. So, I´m looking for your help if somebody is willing to host (or share host) me for a week in April. I´ll appreciate that and I could trade that for hosting here in South Brazil: mountain (where I live) or beach. Any help? Need to book my ticket today! Thanx! Go Wings!