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  1. Not sure if anyone cares...but that's Van Pottelberghe struggling against his former club. https://www.hcd.ch/de/player/national-league/van-pottelberghe-joren Numbers don't look great so far. He'll continue to play though. The other Goalie, Gilles Senn, is also a youngster. Just one year older.
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  4. Down to earth? Andersen got 5 millions longterm. Mrazek > Andersen. And it's not even close. Mrazek was better last season despite Andersen playing behind the better team and a far better defense. Mrazek also proved to be a clutch player. Always was at his best in the playoffs. Andersen hardly stops anything in the postseason. We're talking about pure goodwill from a player probably wanting to help the organization and keeping a good relationship with the management. He might even saved Holland's job by accepting 4. Would have been tough to fit Mrazek in at 5 millions. Inconsistency is no reason to lowball Mrazek at all. He clearly wasn't himself after that Schenn attack. Was reportedly ill right after and hardly stopped a puck the following four games he played. Call me whatever you want but I immediately felt that something was wrong with him after the incident. Either him or the club probably just didn't want to reveal the reason behind it all. What's for sure is that he got misused at that time. Should have given a rest. He definitely lost his way there. https://twitter.com/StefanKubus/status/709925727366307840 In the future Holland better stops wasting money for useless or average players. We got several terrible contracts we'll probably never get out of (Nielsen, Helm, Green, Nyquist, Ericsson, Howard). I also think that Glendening and Ericsson earn too much for what they bring to the table. How things go at the moment maybe even the Zetterberg contract will come back to hurt us. It's 1 to 12 for Holland.
  5. What the heck are you talkin about? Sure enough you do this...but then you want as many teams as possible involved. You don't say give out a shortlist if you wanna sign with a particular team. You were probably just trying to make up something to defend Holland? Fact is that there were good deals done today and ours were terrible. There are enough other terrible ones, some GM's were even worse. It doesn't make us look any better though. It's a sad sad day for the Detroit Redwings. Kenny had every opportunity to rebuild on the fly after Arizona took the Datsyuk Cap. All he did was to burn the whole cap for terrible or average FA's, two of them he even signed up longterm. The goal was to replace Datsyuk as good as possible not to load up with trash. I wrote it here several times...don't overpay for Free Agents. Not in this situation. There were only few good guys available and some of the contracts they got are really mindboggling and make Holland and other GM's look like complete idiots: Staal, Radulov or Boedker should have been interesting for almost any teams. At least at those terms and compared to what they paid for mostly worse FA's. After all the buyouts and terminated contracts we've seen lately they really should have known better what to do now. Those who did nothing today will be the winners. Almost everybody who joined into the madness today will pay for it at some point. Crazy. I always liked Holland, but we might need a change. Should have kept a certain guy who turned Dallas into a winning team in no time. Holland has lost all his balls. All he will do is to overpay to resign players and sign FA's. What was his last significant trade? Quincey? We know how this one turned out. We have so many assets...maybe not to land a top shot but certainly enough to address our needs. He did exactly nothing to win another cup. With Zetterberg and Datsyuk he had a real chance to add the missing pieces. He didn't.
  6. Then why he made public that he'd only join teams on his shortlist of about 5 teams? If you wanna sign with a specific franchise and want to get more money outta them you want to get everybody involved to raise your value. Kenny just messed up. That's how it is.
  7. Signed

    I didn't think about it. But you're right. Torchetti and Vanek will be funny. Vanek is a floater. Lazy, careless and slow. But he will help our powerplay and if they can get him to compete he might even improve a bit. I'm convinced that he still has it in him. And with his body he could do a lot of good stuff for us.
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    I wouldn't agree. His speciality are his deflections and puckhandling skills. He has special hands. I think they got him to help our powerplay. He's a beast in front of the net. Big body that can deflect pucks like nobody else. I'm still not really excited about the signing as he was really slow recently and didn't really compete. Lots of stupid giveaways. Even got benched in Minnesota and replaced by prospects. Just saw his interview on TSN. Said that he has no idea why it didn't work in Minnesota. This really worries me. He should know best that his compete level was the problem.
  9. Signed

    Honestly. 2,6 millions one year is okay...but Vanek is done unless he agrees to finally compete. He was terrible recently. Slow turnover machine. I think this is mainly to help our powerplay as Vanek still has his excellent hands.
  10. So Holland signed Nielsen for 6 years instead of Radulov for 1? Good job, Kenny. It's just one year. Should have given Radulov 6 and sign Shipachev on top. Now we got Nielsen and Helm. Terrible.
  11. We don't even need one of them at those terms. And no, nobody wanted Helm. He's terrible. Should have signed Shipachev or Staal. Or traded for an available guy like Hanzal. Now we got two terrible players with terrible contracts. Great job, Kenny.
  12. Crap. Fletcher is a genius. Great signing...
  13. Honestly. 6 years. Holland needs to go. Now.
  14. signed

    I announced it long ago. My worst nightmare came true. Nobody wants Helm but Holland will still overpay. Terrible offseason.
  15. Why did I know it? Nobody wants Helm so Holland will just resign him and out of loyality will also overpay. As always. Plus he'll rather sign a useless Center rather than to trade for one. Nielsen contract also terrible...goes without saying. Fire Holland. Seen enough of this crap. He had the chance to rebuild on the fly now with all the cap space. Should have done trades. He messed up badly...once again.