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  1. Is it like some weird requirement that everybody in Streator has to sit on their goddamn porch 24/7

  2. @claremaura late to the party but the steve buscemi thing is hilar ????

  3. RT @Jayw1303: Over this past school year I have stolen over 1500 spoons from the Lincoln Way Central Cafeteria. I'm chaos. I'm fear. I am t…

  4. Whered your blackhawks jers go.... https://t.co/lz0j2WHO0y

  5. I need to go to the desert to see the stars and galaxy like this. So amazing. https://t.co/O5SIYHsb2l

  6. I drank so much in a 2 hour span last night. Puked for first time in ages ????

  7. RT @wheelingprobs: When you have to go to school but hockey is life https://t.co/KsSG54EdqX

  8. @Steph_Stacy

  9. Its like 120 degrees in my bedroom. Im tempted to go sleep on the patio couch. .. so hot

  10. This is me tonight in group text or snap tonight and getting zero replies.... https://t.co/fcBZAJojwT

  11. Bored at work w/ 1 hr to go, so I am doing a spreadsheet on who gets what $ when I win 80 mill 2night! So stressful! ppl gonna hate me????

  12. @kw00w congrats on your ducks! Finally! Just no pittsburgh k thx

  13. Anybody but pittsburgh ????