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  1. Dem Hands https://t.co/G8atGhi38x

  2. 70 degree day, friend won $300, now going to Hawks game in St.Louis! Good day so far. Need that W! ☺ #Blackhawks

  3. RT @TobyHater: I don't wanna work. I just wanna bang on this mug all day.

  4. If you say," but 1st coffee" you should but run into a wall

  5. Old guy says, "i moved down to florida in 82, everyone drinks busch light down there." No, just you and your trailer park buddies do that

  6. When you smooth as hell https://t.co/8kIkjAnYTb

  7. Still waiting for the nhl to tell me how this isnt offsides... ???????????? https://t.co/oCQr6M6WzK

  8. RT @wheelingprobs: This haymaker is gorgeous https://t.co/NX5s7k9L9h

  9. RT @NHL: We're officially one week in. Here's how @drosennhl has 'em ranked so far. https://t.co/bGBPjfy4Ng

  10. @madelinebahr Run the ppl over on the moving walkway!

  11. RT @hockeynight: The Vegas Golden Knights are about to kick off their inaugural season at home https://t.co/1JVQWwUgze

  12. I got 4 #s on ILL lotto. Won $50 bucks, 2 numbers away from 9.25 million ????

  13. RT @CulturedRuffian: When the bartender should really cut you off, but pours you another drink anyway. https://t.co/KxYzibLWMh

  14. In just 2 games at the United center this year, so far I have heard Chelsea dagger 16 times ????????????????

  15. Holy f***. Stop wasting your time