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  1. @AniaMaria11 lol stop

  2. @darenmillard @MapleLeafs @Marner93 @88PKane the leafs blow

  3. RT @NHLBlackhawks: 500. https://t.co/zu3ZVtK1pS

  4. RT @NHLBlackhawks: #HAWKSWIN https://t.co/bjY7z6AlKK

  5. @realDonaldTrump What the hell are you talking about.

  6. RT @RealKyper: What a great way to end your @MapleLeafs career. Welcome to the @LeafsAlumni Austin! https://t.co/D7uPLrCmHW

  7. RT @Simpsons_tweets: "Dad! We're running out of clean clothes!" "Go up to the attic, there's a whole trunk of clothes up there." https://t.…

  8. @realDonaldTrump you got your ass beat

  9. Audit day at the airport. Get me on this plane! @ Chicago Midway International Airport https://t.co/976ooFzXnO

  10. RT @ESPNChiHawks: LeBron tweets congrats to Kane, Hawks http://t.co/kOJQvi0YOp

  11. RT @wyshynski: New Puck Daddy: Toronto Sun cover celebrates Bruins defeat, Maple Leafs’ inferiority complex (Photo) http://t.co/OWppohKhlW

  12. RT @CondescendTorts: Hey NBA, MLB, NFL can you drink out of your trophy?Didn'tf****** think so.

  13. Lol this game isnt rigged for Boston

  14. RT @PeterBurnsRadio: This is how home field advantage in the World Series should determined. #Skywire