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  1. Ppl at work: Good Morning! How was your weekend? Me: Its 645 in the morning f*** off!

  2. When stephanie plays hockey @ 403 Club https://t.co/SYFFITjK82

  3. If you hit a girl you're a complete scumbag and you deserve to be hit by a bus

  4. RT @TobyHater: You spend your life trying to get people to like you. Then you run over one person, not even a popular one, and everybody ge…

  5. This is what it looks like after my games ???????? https://t.co/0OFxcMxBDA

  6. Got my bonus today!!!! ????????????????????

  7. 30 dollar tickets for hawks @ florida on a saturday in march. Im in!

  8. Hockey tonight 9 PM!

  9. RT @DidTheHawksWiin: Yeah. They beat the Wild ????

  10. Lolz https://t.co/hsUKkAWKro

  11. RT @TobyHater: You cannot learn from books.

  12. Dont ever try running 6 miles after 4 straight days of drinking...you wont make it https://t.co/YtxXdo5JMK

  13. RT @NHL: Last night's bar down "ping" is still being heard this morning. https://t.co/Juj8gQkLV9

  14. People at the airport are weird...