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  1. Username and PW please.

  2. Username and PW please.

  3. The Goal Light

    Exactly what I said to my wife when we saw it last night, needs to be the horn at the Joe.
  4. Red Wings Training Camp 2010: Who's going?

    Can not wait to get back to Traverse City!!! This will be my 6th year and my wife's 5th. We missed last year and it totally sucked not being up there. My awesome wife got me tickets to the Golf Tournament Dinner for my birthday this year!!! This is our first time going to the dinner but have heard it is well worth the price. Maybe next year play in the tournamnet and dinner but that is very pricey. As far as autographs, just be patient and they will come.
  5. Going to the game Thu?

    Margarittaville it is. Outside at Cowboy in The Jungle Bar.
  6. Going to the game Thu?

    I will be in Town for work also and already have my ticket. Pre-game at Margarittaville or Saddle Ranch Chop House. Will have my McCarty Jersey on.
  7. 12/13 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Coyotes 4, (SO)

    No prediciton here either. But we'll be there also. Pre-Game cocktails at Margarittaville. Lets Go Wings!!!
  8. Phoenix area fans

    We are in Section 115 Row F. I'll be in a DMac Jersey and my wife in a Lang. We will probably go up early and have a few pregame cocktails at Margarittaville. Hope to see a lot of Red and White again tonight.
  9. Phoenix area fans

    We live in Buckeye. Already have our tickets for Dec 13th and I just put in an order for a new jersey for the game. I got my Lidstrom signed this year at Camp in Traverse City, not risking spillage on it.
  10. We have been gone from Denver for a few years but the last I heard from Michael they were going to Govenors Park I believe. In the past I know the Candlelight showed the games (seldom with audio), and Giggling Grizzlie would show them also if asked. Long gone are the days of Tin Lizzie (now Spill I believe) when every game was on with audio and intermission videos and everyone was a Wing Fan.
  11. Getting autographs in Colorado

    Afraid I don't recall scheduling but you could call the Sun Micro Rink and ask. In the past they told us when we called. Worth a shot.
  12. Getting autographs in Colorado

    As I said in the previous post we moved 2 years ago, so sorry for the incorrect Highway name. As far as moving from the Downtown location I don't know. They stayed in Westminster when we lived in Denver. If you have better info please post it for this person.
  13. Getting autographs in Colorado

    We moved to Arizona two years ago but I can tell you how it was before. The team stayed at the Westin in Westminster, take the 60 towards Boulder from I-25 and you'll find it. They skated before the game at the Sun Micro Systems Rink right next door. We had the best luck getting signatures there. Definitely go to the Chop House after the game, many of the visiting teams go there to eat after.
  14. Penguins vs. Flyers at Beaver Stadium?