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  1. Straw Man, with a False Dichotomy thrown in for good measure. If your idea of "thoughtful" is simply combining logical fallacies, I am proud to be considered "thoughtless". But this is kind of the problem with being merely passionate--it tends to overcloud rational thought.
  2. Red Wings fans have to be the most spoiled fans in all of sport.
  3. ^Yeah, those were nasty.
  4. I think I remember reading once that, out of all of the states, Michigan has contributed the most to current players in the NHL, with Minnesota being a close second. You hear a lot about the Northeastern schools like Boston College and Maine, too.
  5. GDT

    I think he broke it when his hand touched the ice as he was falling. If you look at the replay they were showing last night, as his hand hits the ice it looks like his glove meets the surface and bends back his thumb (sorry, this is not a very good description). I think they were saying he's had this injury before, so maybe he's more prone to it.
  6. gdt

    sick beyond belief. This is great with the Anaheim announcers.
  7. GDT

    That about sums it up.
  8. GDT

    I was more inclined to favor Columbus making it over Minnesota. But as a U of M fan, I'm still delighted that people in Columbus are suffering.
  9. Maybe "wild speculation" means he's going to go become the coach of the Minesota Wild, taking over for that weird-looking dude they have now. If that is what happens, I am not responsible for my own actions.
  10. Hi, I created an account to say that you have to throw the octopus on the ice.