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  1. @FOXSportsDet how about getting Mo Cheese back for some last Joe Louis games

  2. @XboxP3 PLEASE get someone working on a true Xbox One Baseball title for next spring!!

  3. @mikekakuk if only @Huey_Lewis_News could win @BrooklynKelli heart too!

  4. @jay__owen Can you keep it quiet in the office?? GEEZE.

  5. @OfficialGretzky are you coming to Windsor, ON Chapters for a signing?

  6. @DarrellGambler @BrandonSideBet .. and i HIGHLY doubt all those games were $5 each... prices have skyrocketed.

  7. @realDonaldTrump do you really want to be president of a country too stupid to see there were no accusations before the Bush video? #setup

  8. @RogersHelps last goal in the red wings game saw 3x.. kept repeating. pathetic. horrible experience watching hockey.

  9. @LouFerrigno try some of windsors famous pizza too!

  10. @Bryan_Baeumler how to you have time to have toys in your barn to play with, looks like your always working!

  11. If you ever need an alibi for a murder, have a threesome with 2 bi-sexual women, they'll never know you left the room.

  12. I miss Lidstrom's one timers.... #redwings

  13. 5 on 3 for Anaheim... payback time... not good #redwings

  14. Happy "May the 4th Be With U Cinco De Mayo Free Comic Book Iron Man 3 Jodi Arias Closing Stanley Cup Round 1 Natl Masturbation Day" Weekend