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  1. @EBGamesCanada Barrel crushing hammer in #DONKEYKONG #NESCLASSIC

  2. . @silvertailbooks @LeahRemini @newyorktimes110 no listings on @amazonca or @chaptersindigo yet, other than book scalpers.

  3. @DaveMustaine then you need Mike Clark of the @DrewMikePodcast to tell you the salad story!

  4. @davidbaldacci Great reading there is a new Will Robie in the works, how about King & Maxwell? over 3 years :'(

  5. @TimHortons Oh is that where they all are? WORST year EVER! 3 for 54

  6. Its 9 pm and I can have a hashbrown at McDonalds... Dreams do come true.

  7. @MehcadBrooks where are you on @TheCWSupergirl lately?

  8. . @RickHoffman_ sad, now i'm not ever going to hear @Pope_Onarope say, "No, I didn't get knocked up, I got LITT up! @Suits_USA #suits

  9. @direct4you Stripe . looks like the evil gremlin.

  10. @EBGamesCanada is the recycled offers page being updated today? pretty much everything expired Feb 26 .. thanks.

  11. @PlentyOfFish no matter what I get 13 results only in my latest search. something is broken.

  12. @akorsh9 please bring back @AmyAcker to @Suits_USA I miss seeing her on @PersonInterest :(

  13. Wow when do you have time to write books @Bryan_Baeumler ? @costcocanada

  14. @Metallica redoing tin snare on St. Anger would make me re-listen. Rush Vapor Trails was un-listenable until the remix. Love it now.

  15. @daveseymour343 @PeterSouhleris what network is #BraggingRights going to be on?