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  1. @GameDealsCanada rare version xenoblade chronicles $118.99 at nintendo store -

  2. @pattonoswalt Charlie is anti-Trump

  3. @PaulStanleyLive is this shirt licensed? My favourite shirt from the 80s..

  4. @Nickelback next @Schwarzenegger will be comparing the inauguration crowd to the number of girls at a @rushtheband concert ! LOL

  5. @LeahRemini Scientology and the Aftermath Season 2??

  6. RT @realDonaldTrump: Welcome to the @WhiteHouse Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau!

  7. @themantracker marathon of "the other guy" today, i know why the show didn't last after you left.. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

  8. @GameDealsCanada EB Games - check stock locator - Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Console w Halo 5 - $299.99 save $170

  9. @TimHortons spend almost $5 on ice cap and can't get a paper roll up the rim cup. sad, might want to rethink that if you rather have $1.70

  10. @Jarrodmschulz @Brandipassante I see @MaryPadian too.. this must mean more #StorageWars!

  11. @DrewMikePodcast what is this @DMPodPart1 account? #FAKE !!

  12. @Bryan_Baeumler what is the brick hanging product you use for garage? is it at lowes?

  13. @MikeoftheRyche is the concert from the Walk In The Shadows video available on DVD?

  14. @GraffonMusic has the RATT vs BB's RATT decison come down?

  15. @billyjoel come play the new Little @littlecaesars arena in Detroit !!