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    Wtf is holland doing signing a guy so young? Now he needs 3 years on the farm!!
  2. Kinda like the way we looked against Chiago 12-13? Banned??
  3. Andersson would be great, just can't stand his quick sand skating...would love to see dats with tats but kid line is good, tough to break up
  4. I have watched both play, but it' was Tavares that made me say "damn, what if he was a Wing" I think it's his all around game
  5. I'll be back before Weiss Signed, Open Heart Surgery
  6. "You and me staring contest....u win u always do" good friend MDcard started this thread so had to pop in....dada dee da da da dooo
  7. I feel that Flip just doesn't fit nor can thrive under babcock's system Signed, Steven Weiss As for Huds...I liked him, but he was a good regular season the playoffs he looked out of place, game just became to fast for him to play an all around game, I wish him the best.