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  1. WCSF Game 6 GDT- Blackhawks 4 @ Red Wings 3, - (Series tied 3-3)

    I was all strapped in for potentially the best episode of the series last night and met he same fate. One week memorial day break. Tune in next Sunday, though, 'cuz s***'s going to get real. drew
  2. WCSF Game 6 GDT- Blackhawks 4 @ Red Wings 3, - (Series tied 3-3)

    Okay so my first few posts on this forum were after the Wings win had put them up 3-1 in the series. Seems I may have swayed the mojo in a negative direction (if you believe in that sort of thing...I don't, but whatever). This was a tough one because I felt great during the second intermission. Then the third happened. I agree with lots of the posters here that our odds just dropped dramatically (that's just basic math). I agree that Smith seems to be a beacon of misfortune, and I hate him at this moment as much as everyone else. But, putting aside all probability and likelihood of victory after surrendering this advantage or that advantage, it's just one game to move on. Yes, I've seen the Wings piss away two chances to eliminate an opponent in this series. But I've also seen them take fate by the balls the two times that they've faced elimination in these playoffs. I'm not going to say "if they lose, they got far....blah blah blah"; that's irrelevant and just loser-speak. I gave up on this team about an hour and a half ago, but I'm ready to buy back in. One game for all the marbles. Prove us all wrong, boys.
  3. I agree. First and foremost, don't want to get cocky, but... Didn't think we'd see the Hawks have this much quit in them. Up 1 against the Ducks, you just knew they were gonna bring the house at us. Up 1 against the higher-seed, even-higher-stacked Hawks, and we seem to easily quell every rush they bring into our zone. But, it's not over yet, and I know they have the talent to make a serious move. Our boys still have to be ready for a dogfight.
  4. trade idea for next year

    No to trading Nyquist, IMO. The kid is literally turning into a stud before our very eyes right now. Also no to Shane O'Brien. Just a big NO.
  5. Hey all, First time poster (long time lurker). Forgive me if this post belongs in a different thread. If so, MODs, please feel free to move it. We can all praise our own guys (which I've been doing) and ripping on the Hawks' guys (which I've also been doing), but I think this game really illustrated just how outclassed Quenneville is in this matchup. Now, I can't blame him for trying to switch up his lines for this game; he's just trying to spark something from a stagnant team. But, as a Canadian watcher, the CBC commentators relayed the fact that he severely limited Seabrook's ice time in this game, and basically shut Kane down in the third period. I'm all for sitting players down a bit to send a message, but it seems to me like, in this situation, you have to live or die with your star players. I know that Toews has been a no-show, that Kane has just dropped in for two brief moments to pot a couple of ultimately-non-consequential goals and that Hossa has been MIA since game one, but I think that Q fails to realize the Wings are just playing those guys incredibly well. If I'm the coach of Chicago, I just keep rolling them out there and hoping for a break or a bounce, because those guys are certainly the most likely players on the roster to create those types of situations. To me, it's quite clear that the Wings are in Qs head. He's on the bench trying to concoct different lineups and throw less-proven guys into the fire to draw water from a rock. He's ignoring the fact that, regardless of the combinations, the Wings are taking the Hawks' stars out of this series and playing right into our hands by replacing his stars with role players. They're good role players, mind you, but not game breakers. Anyways, I've rambled. This series thus far has been a testament to the will and ability of our players (and it's not over yet). IMO, this series has further solidified the fact that Babs is the best coach in the business and really highlighted the gap between the #1 coach and an at-best mediocre coach like Quenneville (don't even get me started on that Jack Adams nomination). Let's go Wings. Here's to really sobering up that "Madhouse" on Saturday night with a series-clinching victory. drew