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  1. I'll definitely take it over a flash in the pan franchise that wins the cup then doesn't even make the playoffs the next year. I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish with this post.
  2. Z!!!!!!!! Winning streak continues!
  3. Wow! Petr stretched that leg far. Great save!
  4. Wow, Mraz almost put it in the net after he saved it.
  5. These are some ugly attempts. Ice must be really rough.
  6. Ugly attempt by AA. C'mon Petr.
  7. Goose! Needed that bad!
  8. 10 seconds remaining is no time to get cute.
  9. Oh Goose! Great play, but maybe the pass was the better option.
  10. Great save, Petr! 3x3 is so scary, one bad pass or one guy gets beat -> 2-on-1 or breakaway
  11. Sorry, I just made it here at the end of the 2nd myself. Yay, loser point!
  12. Nice kill. LGW!
  13. NOW is Journey time! South Detroit!
  14. Hmmmm, early Journey?