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  1. NOW is Journey time! South Detroit!
  2. Hmmmm, early Journey?
  3. LOL! High stick again!
  4. Awwww, what a chance for Ott shorthanded. Love to see that.
  5. Just got in myself. Kinda wishing I'd have stayed away at this point. Can't expect to keep too many 2-on-the-goaltender situations out of your net.
  6. Lots to like here, like NOT blowing two goal leads!
  7. How did they not even get that out of the zone?
  8. Last night too. I just figured that those with better lives than mine were out living them during the weekend.
  9. Wow! They called them both!
  10. That's about as bad a call as I've seen. Penalty should have gone the other way!