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  1. An entire Hawks series with no "Chelsea Dagger". Wow!
  2. Did they just refer to Nashville as a "Hockeytown"?
  3. A user called "BK" on the Blackhawks GDT on HFBoards used the word "Kronwall" to describe that hit. I was proud.
  4. Sheahan's first goal (in about a year!): https://streamable.com/37vxf
  5. Well, Konstantinov made it, but I was wondering that too.
  6. If only there were some sort of ... I don't know ... Khaleesi of butt pats that could take care of that sort of thing ... hmmmmm.
  7. The guys on the PA system are having a ball! SOUTH DETROIT! edit: No Journey?
  8. This is NOT a drill, Sheahan has TWO goals!