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  1. Yeah, but with only one ROW in the two in a row.
  2. Net's empty, up by 2 goals ... get one Petr! Do we put Sheahan out? Nevermind, Luke got it.
  3. LOL, I think there was a razor blade in that towel. The blood really started flowing after they wiped!
  4. We've killed their PP's better than we've killed our own. Wow, that AA is a speedy guy!
  5. Tatar! Nice play by Z! Great start to the 3rd! Vanek! These boys are en fuego!
  6. The Pens pulled "too many passes" like the Wings usually do.
  7. I guess breaking your opponent's stick is a penalty if it's not done in overtime.
  8. That offside call was BS. It went in off the Pens player. LOL Helm!
  9. I miss the days when superstars were at least usually respectable. Now we get guys like Crosby (both of them).