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  1. I was expecting something more along the lines of "We sacrificed the Overchicken".
  2. Z! Wicked backhand! WINGS WIN! Perfect in shootouts this season, but I think it's regression to the mean after last season. South Detroit!
  3. Vanek! Nice stick fake!
  4. Ott may have lost that one. Nice try. 5 minutes each FOR FIGHTING! http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2017/2/13/14597068/nhl-video-intense-refereewes-mccauley-fighting-shouting-punching-motions
  5. Welcome. Yeah, it's with a slow thread like this that I feel it's OK to post a South Park picture about Puckloo's cable problem. Tie game, hope you're feeling better.
  6. Mraz! Great save!
  7. LOL, we have a picture of the cable technician trying to decide what to do about puckloo's issue:
  8. No logo is safe when Helm takes the shot.
  9. Nice defensive play by Z in a potentially desperate situation. Team gassed, unable to change, and a broken stick.
  10. Tatar! What a pretty tic-tac-toe play!
  11. But his hand was still holding the stick with a normal grip ... whatever.
  12. Caps announcers like the elbowing call. I thought it was weak. Nice PK. A lot to like so far unless you're in favor of the stealth tank.
  13. Nielsen ... THAT PP looked OK!
  14. Look out, here come's the PP. Apparently we're gonna accept this one. Edit: I'm stuck with the Caps feed. They even suggested we decline penalties!