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  1. You get the prize! I'm 22, have maybe $170 to my name and am having a riot in my little experiment on creating fake online personas and seeing everyone respond with such profound and knowing judgements.
  2. Oh my God what an incredibly stupid thing to say about investments. Is this some of that "working class wisdom" someone mentioned earlier? Obviously you have no investments to speak of and/or know nothing about them. Remember Brexit? I lost about 2% of my total investments in a day. Why, because I have a well balanced asset allocation. 101 investment there bucko. Instead of running for the hills I bought even more international stock index funds (always buy low and sell high) and I have made a killing - about $200k. Perhaps my late reply serves my point. Rather than wasting endless hours writing 1000-2000 word simple minded tomes and believing my self-esteem, or anything of any real-world value, is tied to my participation in something as banal as a hockey forum, I have spent the past few months being a productive member of society and increasing my net worth. So many of your long-winded assumptions are so simple minded and utterly predictable. 1. That I am a phoney. Trust me I have money. Am I the richest person you ever met? Of course not. However, I make a good six figure salary, have saved/invested 30% or more of my salary for 25 years resulting in a multiple seven figure retirement fund. If that makes you envious, then get off your a$$ ike I did. 2. That I only value money and am a sad lonely person. I have an advanced degree and paid for 100% of my education myself. My work has benefited people both directly and invaluably as well as collectively in via published and highly cited research contributing to human knowledge. I did none of this alone, but with many other hard working people. I could have made MUCH more in industry. I have plenty of friends and family too. Money is not the end for me, it is the means to have control of my life so I can help those I care about. My point from the beginning was this forum has its little in-groups and self-anointed gurus whose big accomplishment in life has been exceeding the 1,000 post mark. Can you imagine these jokers doing this at “work” all day? Some job huh? if you find yourself thinking this is a good job to have, I have a hint. Loser. For those aspiring to be “in” - there is a better way. Accomplish something REAL in the WORLD. When you do, like I have, your forum heroes are revealed as a sad pathetic joke. People who spend what must be an hour or two a day posting “well crafted” arguments that accomplish... what? Absolutely zero. Take that same hour or two a day toward learning R, SQL, Python, html… and add some math, statistics or business. In six months to a year, instead of racking up a collection of meaningless online hockey buddies (and adversaries), you will open the door to making good money, having a real career and being your own boss. It is plain as day. Your "leaders" here are real life losers.
  3. Twilight years Zetterberg vs. Datsyuk

    I can't decide. I only wish they had been playing TOGETHER more when we had both. It was a duo almost unmatched in all of hockey, certainly in this era. Watch the old highlights... amazing stuff. I never bought into the excuse that we had to spread out their skills across lines. When playing together they were consistently the best line in hockey. As amazing as each was alone, together they exceeded the sum of their parts. We actually made the decision repeatedly to not put out the best line in hockey. That to me is/was insane. Argue all you want, I can not accept any rationale for separating the Euro Twins as much as we did.
  4. For hockey in general a 10, for the Wings and their current state, about a 3 and expecting to be disappointed further. I see us quickly joining the cellar in points as highly paid veterans under perform while youth is wasted, and then a long delay in accountability in finally firing Blashill. The new coach will come in, stir things up a bit and we will improve, but still miss the playoffs.
  5. Nazis using Wings logo

    Exactly and the Wings made a classy response to this with their statement plus getting the Wings/NHL lawyers involved probably scare these guys right off.
  6. Athanasiou Rumor

    Blashill Half joking, but I will pretend to read AA's mind and I can easily see dread in playing for this guy another season (or half season more likely as his days as coach are numbered). No need to rehash it all, but Holland's actions play a part in this. As a result of the past few years of bungling contracts and a pathetic excuse for a coach, this not a promising team for a promising young forward. Oh, and why do we all assume he wants the Wings to match the KHL offer? I never thought that for a minute. I'm guessing a number around 2 will do it.
  7. You keep saying this kliqqy boy and it is so blue collar stupid I can't stop laughing. You believe what you want to, but I have my investments right up here on the screen. Tell me what you know about asset allocation? Do you know who Bogel or Swensen are? What's an index fund? What's an expense ratio? What's the difference between a Roth IRA and a 401k? Extra credit 403b. Type what you want. I know and you know you can't answer these questions and it proves you are not taking care of things and are a financial loser. Here’s the real story. I came here to post some frustration over these dinky little trades that are doing little to reverse the demise of the Red Wings. I made a post, then checked my investment funds and came back. Like the new girl meeting the gang of little junior high school mean girls, I was reprimanded for not following the rules of discourse for your little cliché. I realized how truly pathetic it is. To some of you, your list of “friends,” likes, and posts counts actually mean something to you. You actually measure this as some kind of accomplishment! Like it has some actual value, or worse, it gives you some kind of worth! I could care less what any of you say. Why? Because, I actually accomplish things in the real world and from that I have real capital I can spend, not web forum capital. You are one server crash away from losing your meaningless identity. To the mean girls wannabes who don't quite fit in, I implore you, give up on your quest to impress these keyboard jockeys! Instead spend your computer time learning to code. There are no shortage of free courses that can help you develop job earning skills. Web development with html, javascript, css or learn how to work with data using SQL, Python or R. Try 30 minutes a day with Learn Python the Hard Way vs letsgowings for a few weeks and see what happens. While you rack up skills, you can come back here now and again and see how the more popular loser mean girls spent the same amount of time and effort racking up meaningless post counts and likes. Good luck.
  8. You are so wise. I found that when someone wastes their life posting on a hockey forum, they generally have nothing much to show in other areas of life and rely instead on a meaningless online identity vs the one the identity have failed to establish in the real world. Greatness doesn't equal money, but money can represent someone who took on responsibilities, made decisions, set goals and worked toward achieving those goals. When you are a grown up who has done all this, maybe you will understand.
  9. Not the movie, it was a comic for decades. Part of general cultural knowledge among those reasonably aware and educated.
  10. The saddest thing here is not that he was our top goal scorer. The saddest thing is he was our top goal scorer with 15 goals.
  11. Richie was born rich, but he was a good kid.
  12. I'm very relaxed. Comes from hard work and being in control of one's life. Went away to look at my retirement funds and investments. Market is a down a little today, but having a well thought out balanced portfolio keeps me cool every day. So, keep posting boys and I'll go back to my money.
  13. Me too. I was pretty young, but it was super stressful and then unbelievable. The Soviets were out of this world with insane other wordly skills and it may be hard for people to understand just how unbeatable they seemed back then. At the same time our mutually blowing up the world was a serious concern. As a kid I remember thinking some of those NHL games with the Soviets would lead to a war! :-) Nobody knew at the time, of course, that our own local NHL team would one day pluck away their talent for the most amazing Wings line ever (including a few defections right out of spy movies).
  14. Man, I had no idea he was an anti vaccine guy!