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  1. Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    Yeah too bad I was upstaged by somebody with a 5 pounder that tossed right after lol. IDK How you get something that big in, I looked like I had a very large organ between my legs, even with the small one all packed up nice. Not the right place, but we have to really have fan support if it goes to 6, we need that win, cant't go back to Chicago for a game 7, 3-1 seems like it is over, but if there is a detroit team that could do it, it is this one unfortunately. GO WINGS
  2. Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    HAHA, those were thrown from my section, at a dumb time, and they were not boiled-- I got hit with residue. Here is my report: the section I was in had an usher who is a complete toolbag, had to tell every person not to bang on the glass... (Section was near one of the circles, not by a bench or anything). I went for the toss even though I had a strong feeling that if caught, the guy would do anything to get me the fine etc. I got it out with the empty net, it was very small and I went ninja toss person to right and bro to left of me both didnt even see. Usher was facing other way. SUCCESS. KEEP IT UP EVERYONE! It is a great tradition, but do it right, after goal, after winning game or maybe after a period. And boil them, your kitchen will smell a bit, but thats what a fan deals with
  3. Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    Well, I bought little AL... Wish me luck, I will try to get a human shield, but like I said I am up-front and there happens to be an usher in the section that always looks into the crowd after a detroit goal, like he is looking for a toss. The OT winner I threw a few years ago, was from the same seats, I didn't care as much if I missed the Western Conference Trophy presentation, no big deal; but I did my best to be sneaky and literally tip-towed behind the usher as he was looking for other tossers and winged it, my bro said that he was turning his head when a fellow fan pulled the assist by grabbing the usher to give him a high-five/hug-- teamwork I will avoid giving them a free timeout if they do not have any left, god knows if they are within 2 with >5 minutes, we can let them back in, but if we get an empty netter, or some other nail in the coffin, I'll toss at discretion. I hope Bettman says something stupid about the Octopus again because we could go all the way in a few years (or a miracle year this season) and I pray that somebody holds onto one to throw right as he gets the mic to "congratulate" us. Wouldn't mind if it was never boiled and extra juicy so that he might get a little spray. Go Wings!
  4. Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    I am in the front row... So maybe I should move for the toss, I can't do the national anthem as I don't want to be out before the game has started... I am hoping for a last minute empty netter or something (or OT, but I hope it doesn't get there.). I guess I have no problem holding it and not tossing, maybe I will do a little asking around and see if anybody behind/ near me is willing to take the risk since I'll have smuggled it in and my brother and I will run some good interference. If I am able to get on here in-game, I can give a real-time update as to when to expect it, could be fun if anybody is on the forum while watching. On the subject, I was at game 2 and I was disappointed that nobody had one to toss in CHI, I do not blame them as it can be hostile in there. However, if anybody goes to game 5, I would love to see it done during the Anthem or after a goal; if someone can dress incognito, have a little group to walk with and briskly leave a different section than their seats, I would like to start a donation fund for somebody to possibly have a seafood item; what they do with it is not my business though.... I will donate 10 if somebody can set up an account to be paid after the game or something, if there are enough people who also would like to add, maybe the person could feed a large family and supplement if not pay for a game ticket. If someone decides to to through this seafood onto the ice in Chicago at an appropriate time, Anthem or after a goal, (which none of us would be advocating for), it would be a nice slap in the face that too many hawks fans deserve... Go Wings!
  5. Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    Fellow wings fans, I am making the trip to Game 4 from out of town. I have some experience with throwing a pie; I tossed one at he UC as time expired after a win a few years ago and another during the same series after an OT goal in that same series, Game 5 I believe in 2009. I am just wondering if the crackdown that occurred recently has been backed off at all, I just don't want to get ejected from my seat that I paid good money for, it is unfortunately just not worth it for me. If anybody has seen some tosses this year and can let me know if people are getting thrown out of the arena. Let me know, I might be a ***** like before and hold it until the end. Just curious, I think it is a great tradition and really fires up the crowd when people do it.
  6. WCSF - (1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings

    Win early in CHI and don't look back.
  7. Any tips on ways to tolerate the NBC media?

    I used to hate the versus/NBCsports feeds, but honestly after the past few years they treat detroit like any other team. When they were the great/dynasty team, the NHL and almost everyone behind the league was against them, but now they are the underdogs, so instead of getting the benefit of extra love for the dog, they at least get a fair and unbiased look. Obviously FSD provides a better commentary for a biased wings fan, which I enjoy like the rest of us-- but I don't think it will be a pain to listen to until the finals if we so happen to get there.
  8. Abdelkader suspended 2 games for hit on Lydman

    Sorry if this has been brought up previously, but I don;t remember if it was Selani or someone else, but in game 2 I think his sucker-punches to the back of DeKai's head were far worse than Abbey's hit, given the flagrant malicious intent. Had he dove to the ice, I have to imagine it would have resulted in a similar scenario-- more than a two minute penalty. I just don't understand how a hit that incidentally led to the head as a result of a shoulder/shoulder collision is treated so much more harshly than a punch to the back of a player's head.