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  1. What's best for Mantha?

    I think a lot of the Wings success with prospects has to do with the fact that we let them build up a solid foundation as a professional in the minors. When young players know they don't have to try very hard to make their pro club, they have a tendency to get lazy, and not progress as they should. When they know they have to work their a** off to have a shot at displacing a veteran player at their position, regardless of their youth or potential, it drives them to become better players in the long run. I totally agree that the longer he can legitimately stay in GR, the better he will be when he does finally join the Wings. I wouldn't want to see him make the NHL roster unless he's going to contribute a considerable amount on a top 2 line. The other thing to consider is, while he might fit well with Dats and Hank, would that help or hinder his development? Abdelkader looked good alongside Datsyuk, so I would hate to put Mantha next to him, see Mantha put up 20-30 goals for the next two seasons, and then when Datsyuk retires, Mantha gets exposed.
  2. TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

    A real fan never encourages tanking. Your plan is to having the team tank, so you can check out, not follow the team for a 5-10 year period, and then when they have rebuilt, you can casually come walking back in and claim you predicted this, and this is YOUR team, and you're the biggest Wings fan of all time. I call BS. Go follow the NBA if you want to be a fan of a team that Tanks. In the NHL, people respect hard work and history.
  3. Marchenko

    The Wings have so many depth players (3rd and 4th line forwards and borderline 2nd/3rd line defenders). It's great to have the depth, but I don't think Marchenko moves the needle for this team over the course of the next couple seasons. Perhaps beyond 2 years, he will slide in replacing somebody, but he's a ways out to impacting the Wings roster (assuming health is maintained of course)
  4. What's best for Mantha?

    He needs to spend a year with the Griffins, just to help him adjust to a high level of competition mentally. He may be talented enough to play in the big leagues already, but a young player can really start to over think his game when they go through a dry spell. THE WORST thing that could happen is he makes the Wings roster, scores 5 goals in the first 10 games, and then goes on a 15-20 game drought, and ends up back in GR. That could totally screw with his head, and really get him down on himself. A youngster used to scoring multiple times a game, to not being able to score over a span of a month or two could really hurt his confidence. He's never in his life been in a situation like that. He has probably never been on the ice and not been the best player or at least top 3. He needs a little time to get a reality check, just to get his expectations in line, before he ends up drowned by the fans who expect him to be scoring 40-50 goals a season, and can't handle the pressure. Also, we have so many young players pushing for the NHL roster right now that we're going to see a couple of the youngsters that made an impact last season in GR as well to start the season. Which I think plays a part in him going to GR. Nyquist wasn't with the team to start the season because he had a 2 way contract. Chances are that even if Mantha is borderline capable of making the roster, he'll fall into that same situation.
  5. Dont Jump Yet...

    Going back to the original post. I'm assuming your whole reasoning behind the Wings improving over last year is based on the improvement of our young players. But in saying that other teams got worse, while not factoring in their young players developing isn't a fair assessment. It's also important to note that our top players are all a year older. They struggled with injuries last season, and now they're a year older, and even more likely to have to miss games. To assume that Kronwall/Datsyuk/Zetterberg all play 82 games this year is very hopeful. Also, my main gripe about the offseason thus far is that we gave Quincey 4.25m. He's been awful since he arrived back in Detroit. I would have rather seen them spend an additional 1-2m and overpaid one of the other defensemen on the market than bring him back. It's one thing to look at each contract in a vacuum, but if that extra 1-2m isn't going to be spent anywhere else, we might as well have used it on an improvement over what we had.
  6. Do We Really Need a New Stadium?

    Like it's been mentioned a couple times, a new arena wouldn't be completed and usable until somewhere around 2018-2020. The Joe is outdated and not refurbish-friendly (no one wants to drive up to Auburn Hills to watch a regular season game). The longer the wait to start on the build, the longer the team is stuck at JLA, which doesn't sound terrible today, but 5 years down the road, our patience to wait another 5-10 years will be wearing very thin. I can just imagine the crowd downtown around Comerica and a new arena on a night with a Tigers game and a Wings playoff game. It would make the whole experience a lot better. People could come downtown just to hang out for a wings game, something that doesn't happen for games now.