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  1. -1 for good ole number 2
  2. Can someone explain to me how that should not have been a PS for nyquist give the Frolik call on Monday?
  3. Whether he is a rookie or not is NOT the point. The point is we are trying to win NOW. NOW NOW NOW. Who gives us the best change to win NOW. Smith or White. Based on Smiths track record, the answer has to be White. Leave all the rookie non sense out because that point only serves your argument well for the regular season.
  4. Whats the difference between giving Smith PT during next years regular season in his development or during this years playoffs. Bottom line, play him during all 82 next year and let White play sound D during this game 7 now. No reason to compromise the hear and now for 1 game in what should be a long good career for Smith when he will have plenty of time next year to develop. Bottom line, are we in the WCF right now without Smith, yes.
  5. Bettman = the new David Stern
  6. Nothing I guess, just very frusterated
  7. bump