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  1. gdt

    That's it, I am calling up the Hanson Brothers for the third period, they can teach Lucic a lesson or three. lol
  2. gdt

    Detroit had to fight off a 5 on 3 then Sammelson scored followed quickly by Dats scoring on the backhand. God have I missed RW hockey. Go Wings!!!
  3. gdt

    I'm proud my wings made it this far. We have a lot of good young guys and things are looking up for us. Good job guys!!!!
  4. gdt

    What do you all expect from the city of Chicago? They throw Z around like a rag and then complain because of a ref? The ref's have been screwing us all night. the wings must feel like cheap hookers.
  5. gdt

    From your lips to Gods ear.
  6. gdt

    Is there anything better than a game 7 and the Red Wings in overtime? Yes there is, if we score!!!!!!!
  7. gdt

    I just crapped my pants "officially". Now what?
  8. gdt

    It appears the only way they will get a penalty is if they take out a gun and shoot one of our Wings. Even then they will say Oh thats just the Chicago way and we cant be held accountable. They suck!
  9. gdt

    This is more the team that won that last series. We are at least making it a game.
  10. gdt

    If we kill this it will be HUGE!!!
  11. gdt

    I make my first post and we score. Lets make it two. Sent form My MacBook Air and those two magic middle fingers!
  12. gdt

    Why do you say Flip is done as a Red Wing? Sent from my MacBook Air and my two middle fingers bangin the keyboard furiously. lol