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  1. No... AA is probably sore from that wicked cross check to the lower back! It's a shame AA is getting a bunch of crap for "running over" a goalie when it's clear his skates were perpendicular to the goalie when he get bulldozed by a guy flying down the ice to break it up. I'm with you Leftwinger, they should be going after their own guy.
  2. Fixed!
  3. Looks really good on mobile! Only complaint on a desktop is that the popular contributors list is on every page and not just the home page, meaning all forums are reduced to left-column only. It makes the subforums appear cluttered. On mobile this doesn't matter though because they are at the very bottom. Color scheme is sick too!!!
  4. AA

    I think you will see the team transition to a Tatar-Nielsen-Abdelkader line taking on the top scoring threat lines. They can score but they also stand to play excellent defense. Nielsen is one of the best in the league. Tatar-Nielsen-Abdelkader Nyquist-Zetterberg-Vanek Sheahan-Helm-Larkin Miller-Glendening-Ott Ideally I would like to see two forwards and a defenseman moved for a top D. Even if the team had to roll out Helm as a 2nd line center for a year... Tatar-Nyquist-Sproul are young enough to generate a lot of interest in other teams as a package.
  5. signed

    I suppose irony wasn't the right word. It was more of your username than anything. Because punctuation seems unknown to the Internet. People suck at spelling and grammar to begin with, then you throw in Internet slang/shortcuts and people become zombies.
  6. signed

    The irony of Internet Unknown posting that amuses me.
  7. Nielsen and Vanek were my top two targets after Stamkos signed. But the money for Helm just ruins this all.
  8. Signed

    I don't think Mantha gets traded. I think Vanek fills that 2nd or 3rd line winger, and it's a 1-year deal because Mantha can take over next year. What do we have right now? Tatar-Zetterberg-Abdelkader Nyquist-Nielsen-Vanek Sheahan-Helm-Larkin Miller-Glendening-Ott Jurco-Athanasiou-Mantha Pulkkinen-Andersson Gotta be a trade in the works. #1C or top D
  9. I hate to overwHELM you all, but in this rHELM, I am the only Darren Helm at the HELM of this ship. #Overkill #We'reDoneHere
  10. Gotta be fake. The video cut just before he "started peeing". Plus, they're being awfully loud; there is security in and around the locker rooms, even when the players are on ice.
  11. I believe you are right. Contract years run July 1 - June 30, so I imagine, for the sake of consistency, every other details like Group IV, NMC, and NTC all start July 1 of the given year.
  12. There is scientifically no such thing as momentum anyway. It's just a sports catchphrase. There's nothing in recent production that is capable of predicting future production. That being said, they finished ahead of teams they needed to finish ahead of to make it to the playoffs. Would you rather be the Red Wings or the Capitals right now? Both didn't make it to the ECF, let alone the Stanley Cup... Florida and Anaheim got trounced in the first round.
  13. I'm sorry, but that's a crappy argument. Just because they lost their last game doesn't negate the points they earned through 81 games.
  14. I don't think pairing Datsyuk with a guy in the playoffs that he's hardly played with before is a good idea. Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Abdelkader Nyquist - Sheahan - Tatar Larkin - Athanasiou - Mantha Helm - Glendening - Richards Jurco - Pulkkinen DeKeyser - Quincey Kronwall - Smith Green - Ericsson Marchenko Mrazek Howard
  15. What can you do but laugh? These pompous, greedy jerks don't care about the experience, they just want your dollar. I'd love to see the warning on the ticket about "obstruction". I bet it's not nearly as clear as what these pictures show. You can't see a thing!