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  1. 2013 Offseason Thread

    Trade: Quincey (He is good (sometimes.) but highly overpaid. Buy out: Bert, Sammy Resign: Filppula, Nyquist, Smith, Kindl, Brunner, Andersson, Cleary, Miller. Sign: Stalberg/Bickell/Ryder and a defensemen Howard - Monster Kronwall - Big E Smith - Dekeyser Colaiacovo - Kindl Quincey(Or someone new?) - Lashoff Zetterberg - Pasha - Bickell/Stalberg/Ryder Nyquist - Filppula - Franzen Brunner - Helm - Cleary Tootoo - Andersson - Abdelkader Eaves - Emmerton - Miller Maybe Tatar is ready for a place in our first lineup and if, i want him to play in top 6. Otherwise i rather se him play lots in the Grand Rapids and gets called up from time to time to show what he can bring into our lineup.