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  1. Eh, so it looks like the relationship between Sergei Fedorov and Mike Babcock is probably not the best... http://sportstalk313.com/2015/11/hall-of-fame-game-babcock-and-fedorov-frosty/
  2. Gordie Howe was at the Joe last night! There's video of him walking around and shaking hands with some of the staff and players. What an amazing recovery!
  3. Sportstalk313 talks Wings. http://sportstalk313.com/2015/01/sportstalk313-podcast-mostly-scherzer-and-red-wings-talk/ Warrior is based out of Warren, and does a podcast that is pretty geeky: https://soundcloud.com/warriorhockeypodcast
  4. A local podcast that looks at the entire NHL, and the Red Wings. http://sportstalk313.com/2013/10/the-newest-end-to-end-podcast-is-here/
  5. Thanks to the Olympic deal being official teams are finally able to release their schedules! What highlight of the Wings schedule are you most looking forward to?
  6. I know the simple answer to this is "watch it on CBC" but if you've got a dish, or even WOW the game is pretty much unavailable in HD. Can anybody come up with the numbers that would prove pre-empting the most watched SCF in at least 17 years would be a good choice for WDIV? NHL ratings are pretty easy to get, but I've been unable to unearth ratings for the fireworks.
  7. Is this the game the Hawks PP shows up? The Bruins don't need Chicago to tie one hand behind its back... but with a lame power play that's kind of what they're doing. NBA vs. NHL poll
  8. You'd think with his laser eyes he wouldn't need a saw.
  9. Dallas is confused... are they going with a youth movement or a senior tour?
  10. Funny to me how much was made out of this. I don't see how much the Pens could improve by getting rid of Malkin.
  11. Hah! It's the middle of the night and I just saw Babs in a chainsaw commercial. Is there a better fit for a product for him to push??
  12. Well said. All teams have to deal with officiating that just doesn't make sense sometimes. Can we stop trying to move the narrative to the wacky and zany? maybe just confess when things aren't going the Wings' way?
  13. That would be a classic to say the least. The junior talent that roles through our backyard is ridiculous. Griffins in six.
  14. Just came across this saying that the AHL will be streaming Calder Cup games for free. I'm one of the freaks that probably would have paid for whatever package I'd have needed to watch, but this is a ton better. Predictions for the series, and how much will you really watch? Also, here is some fan perspective on the Crunch in the Calder Cup. Enjoy everybody!
  15. If you think the Ticket has any concept of the NHL's market value of a player, or going rate on what it would "probably take" to land Malkin, you're nuts.