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  1. gdt

    All of you are saying this team is pathetic......when the superstars on our team are injured. I won't give up on this game yet, but what did you expect? The Red Wings to blow out the ducks?? You guys are quick to judge.
  2. gdt

    Game 7, Toronto vs Boston
  3. gdt

    good Penalty kill boys
  4. gdt

    well they have whistles, sooooooooooooooooooo
  5. gdt

    He was like "you're not touching my puck *******" *drills him against the glass* "what? what I do? not my fault that guy's a _______" you fill in the blank
  6. gdt

  7. gdt

    Wouldn't go that far, I say Alfie
  8. gdt

    We are getting some pretty good chances here
  9. gdt

    I'm gonna be one of the positive people.........3-4 Red Wings
  10. gdt

    That's the spirit
  11. gdt

    WTF was that?!
  12. gdt

  13. It seems to me that what really needs to be focused on the Red wings line is the urge to stay competetive(spelling error). When they have the lead they seem way to relaxed and I've also noticed they're not that aggressive. The game against Ottawa (at home) was a thrashing against us as of playing dirty. They need to get some attitude and be a team that other teams don't wanna play against. We have tons of injured players, but I don't see why we shouldn't win or at least put up a good fight till the final whistle. WE ARE THE DETROIT RED WINGS, gone to the playoffs for over 2 decades and If I just started watching hockey and someone told me that, I wouldn't believe them. I wanna believe