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  1. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    You talk about how good the past was ... it's almost as if you were there ... bill
  2. Zetterberg's status in 2 years.

    Is there any reason to believe Arizona/another budget team would not take on zetterbergs cap hit so he can retire there? This would take up ~5 million towards their cap floor without them having to pay a dollar unless I am missing something. Am I missing something? I feel like I would have saw this suggested so I must be missing something I think maybe I'm confusing the cap recapture penalty with the penalty for signing 35+ players who do not fulfill the duration of the contract. They probably give the recapture penalty to Detroit for signing the contract regardless if we trade him prior to retirement.
  3. 17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    Ya rivalred I was just thinking that as well, and they are his tweets. Him and I are on a talking basis like if we saw eachother we would say hi but not much more. I was gonna tell him he should remove them but it's his life so if he wants to screw it over hockey by showing no remorse that's his call
  4. 17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    Hey everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. I am from Brantford Ontario, and would agree that we Canadians do go to America with the "we are the s***" attitude in hockey much like MOST (not all) Americans do with any other sport tht they whoop our red and white behinds in. However that's not why I posted. I actually personally know number 13 (the accused). His names Ryan and to be honest, he's a real dumba**. I worked with him at McDonald's and its quite pathetic how someone who is literally the biggest chicken s*** (ryan is a huge *****) can get so tough when he gets another players bucket off first. Oh and another thing, I don't hate Ryan. He's just a goof sometimes but outside of hockey he's harmless. And another thing, I follow him on twitter and he was literally bragging about how he made national news for beating this kid. Tweets: @_Ryan_MacDonald: Well i made the front page .....#Awhf***. @_Ryan_MacDonald: Everyone watch coaches corner tonight i might be on it #HAHAHA #hockeyfight #5monthslater. @_Ryan_MacDonald: Im in the news , im kind of a big deal #LOL #5monthslater. You guys can see my point. Do I believe he should be charged. Ya cause he's an idiot and it will teach him something however normally no I believe criminal charges should be left out of the game. He didn't steal the kids wallet after, the other kid AND his parents knew this was a risk the first day they put him in hockey. One word for the Woodstock kid, turtle.