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  1. RedArmyHockey

    Red Wings Russian Five Phot

    I'm working on a documentary called "Red Army" about Slava Fetisov and the director has found an image online of the Red Wings Russian Five that he wants to use: But we haven't had any luck trying to track down and source the photographer to get permission to use this image. Is anyone familiar with this photo and know who took that shot, or at least recall where it came from? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  2. RedArmyHockey

    Seeking Red Wings Material from 1990s

    To go along with this, does anybody know of any bars or restaurants or other businesses that have a lot of Red Wings memorabilia and photos posted on their wall, particularly featuring any Russian players? I know of Marge's Bar. Are there any other places?
  3. RedArmyHockey

    Seeking Red Wings Material from 1990s

    I'm working on a documentary about Russian hockey, and we have section about the Red Wings winning the Cup in '97 and '98. We have already complied some videos, photos, and memorabilia from that era, but are looking for more material. Specifically, does anyone have a copy of the "I Want Stanley!" commercials that aired during the 90s Cup runs? And does anyone happen to have any practice footage, or any other off-ice "behind the scenes" footage or photos, especially showing any of the Russian Red Wing players (Fetisov, Larionov, Fedorov, Kozlov, Konstantinov)?