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  1. Next GM

    Unless the wheels fall off in TB there's no reason for Yzerman to leave. There'd be more pressure and he'd be taking over a team in need of a rebuild filled with bad contracts here. DItto for Nill. I'm assuming Fedorov likes in in his home country, or he'd have stayed in the US. I'm 100% convinced that it will be Martin and/or Draper filling the GM role and Holland will be giving "suggestions" as the president.
  2. Alex galchenyuk - should we make a move ?

    Ideally they'd have the cap space to do AA for Glachenyuk straight up, or with some minor other pieces involved. As of now Montreal would have to be willing to take a bad contract or Holland would have to include Nyquist. I don't see either happening.
  3. For those that want Blash G-O-N-E

    Because things that work in the AHL don't always work in the NHL, and he isn't smart enough to adjust.
  4. Athanasiou Rumor

    They want D. Even if they drop the pick out of their demands, I doubt that will change.
  5. Dennis Cholowski signs 3 year entry level contract

    if he can do both, great. The priority should be learning to play on both ends though. We don't need another Sproul/Almquist type
  6. Dennis Cholowski signs 3 year entry level contract

    I'd rather have him finish 20th in points and learn how to be a high end defender
  7. The Hudler Factor

    When he was in GR he got drunk at a bar downtown, was asked to leave, and got belligerent when the bouncer wouldn't let him back in to grab his jacket. When the cops showed up, he told them :you no arrest me, I Hudler, I hockey player." A deputy that works security during their training camp every year ended up having to come down to ID him since his ID was in the bar and they couldn't find his coat right away. -source: my brother worked at Kent County jail at the time
  8. Martin Frk

    there's a difference between a shot in game conditions and one where you can tee it up like the ASG. I doubt Chara actually uncorks 104 MPH slappers during a game. Frk does have a good shot, but like I've said before, he's going to have to prove he can do enough other stuff. So far he has, but the league is going to start noticing him and work on shutting him down soon enough. So the question is, can he adjust? PS: I've heard that his shot is so lethal some people are calling his stick an assault stick and want it banned
  9. Athanasiou Rumor

    he sees grinders who got paid and thinks a guy who can actually score goals should get a decent deal too. Regardless of whether they were UFA or not, if LFG gets $1.8 mil a year, Helm $3.85 and Abdelkader over $4 mil, AA and his agent probably have a legit reason to want $2.5. I also think that his agent gave him bad advice, and playing in Europe shouldn't have been just a bluff. If he wasn't prepared to go, he should have signed the crap one year offer and then gone to arbitration next summer. It could also be because of Blashill, but the results are the same. Either be prepared to go to Europe or bite the bullet.
  10. I'd be happy for Holland and Blashill gone, let the rest work itself out from there
  11. Athanasiou Rumor

    at least not publicly. I'd imagine he told Holland privately he wanted out.
  12. Athanasiou Rumor

    Ball Park or Bar S hot dog?
  13. they're all 3rd line caliber players. I was at work and my wife f-ed up the DVR so it didn't record the game. How'd Frk look?
  14. Opening night roster v Wild.

    I thinmk the way that he was used destroyed his confidence. But we'll never know for sure
  15. The 13th F......

    they probably want the flexibility to send him down immediately if AA signs a deal instead of waiting 24 hours for him to clear.