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  1. No, just.... no
  2. Yup. But Holland would just use the cap space for another bad deal.
  3. They haven't played as well as the record indicates. If it wasn't for goaltending bailing them out they ccould easily have one or two wins.
  4. IIRC Vernon was Bowman's guy and Holliand thought Ozzie was better, and he was.
  5. NHL caliber. Lots of guys get a cup of coffee. Doesn't make them NHL players.
  6. Because none of them are NHL players
  7. So is that supposed to be an alternative to LCA? This is way worse.
  8. That's two. you need more than that to win. They haven't gotten the guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg late for a long time, or even guys like Homer. I don't remember the last time they drafted a guy who really exceeded expectations. I know fans like to think that getting all those players in the mid to late rounds was some kind of drafting genius, but the reality is that it was a lot of luck. For every Datsyuk or Homer, there are a lot of Rynos and Hat trick Dicks. The rest of the league has caught up to them in scouting Europe, which was their only tangible advantage, and you can't count on luck.
  9. what's the point of moving him if you take back a deal that's as bad or worse?
  10. Building through the draft doesn't work if you don't draft top end talent.
  11. Mantha needs to be in Detroit
  12. Did I say he said Frk'd score 20 every year? Others act like they lost some stud prospect though
  13. Sure he did. He could have moved Sproul when he was tearing up juniors,Anthea or AA at any time, Nyquist or Tatar, or any number of players. Of course they had several immovable players, which is as much if an indictment of his moves the last few years as anything.
  14. Watching Holland refuse to make a single meaningful trade that involved a roster player in 15 years has made me very skeptical that he'd ever do it. Even that trade fell into his lap when the Sabre's GM called him and told him Hasek wanted to be traded to Detroit. Every single other trade he's made has been picks, prospects, a guy who's wanted out, or a 4th liner/3rd pair D type, or a salary dump. http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Ken_Holland/138/2
  15. I doubt anyone would trade for him with two years left after this at that cap hit, unless they decide he can be their starter going forward. Then they'd have to convince Holland to give up his precious DEPTH.