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  1. RT @DetroitRedWings: First ice at @LCA_Detroit. #LGRW

  2. @DebatingAlbums Clockwork indigo slaps

  3. RT @loitersquvdvids: How Migos order food

  4. RT @nerdyasians: we gotta keep Tommy Le's name alive, a month after the police murdered him. the media dropped his story, but he still dese…

  5. RT @loitersquvdvids: LMFAOO THE CAT WAS JAWING THE f*** OUT OF HIM

  6. @DebatingAlbums Wayne is trash

  7. RT @GamerlSpeed: Header for @caesarish Fav's and RT's appreciated! ''sunset''

  8. RT @TheRuIes: RULE #1321: NEVER TRUST A ****** WHO SAYS THIS

  9. @DebatingAlbums I highly doubt you've ever been invited to a party

  10. RT @SupremeDreams_1: How The rest of the XXL Freshman Class wanted to act When XXXTentacion Started his cypher freestyle ????????????…

  11. RT @WorIdStarComedy: Floyd Mayweather: "Sit quiet you little b----." ???? (via @SInow)

  12. RT @AccurateText: I wish i was beside you.

  13. @dom_unchained Watching hell boy, thuggin

  14. RT @WorIdStarComedy: when she takes down all the pics of her boyfriend

  15. RT @WakaFlocka: Waka Flocka watching fireworks