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  1. RT @RappersSaid: Scottie: "I just found some Gucci Flip Flops in my bedroom. I don't even remember getting them." Ye:…

  2. RT @Unexplained: A man hiking through the woods in Long Island came across what looked like a scene out of a horror film. Via NY Post https…

  3. Clearys a d***** bag for not signing with Philly, didn't even watch the game but see a lot of hate for cleary, what line did tats end up on at the end?
  4. What car am I going to post tonight?

  5. GDT

    I hope monster is in on Monday
  6. Charger playing in the snow

  7. gdt

    Never like gus (not even going to try to spell his name) he lets in the worst goals and gives up too many rebounds
  8. gdt

    Holland already said a while ago that he was not going anywhere. And if he was trade material he would be playing.
  9. GDT

    Sammy needs to break his back while doing this and putting cleary into a coma