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  1. UncleSam19

    WinterClassic. plz help.

    Hey guys, love to read the forum but i rarely post. hope this doesnt come off wrong or if im posting this in the wrong area, just figured this was the best place to get my message out there. So anyway I got 4 tickets to the classic from my moms friend and im only going to be using 2 of them. I put them on stubhub but the fees kinda suck, and were like 3 weeks away from the game so i figured Id post them here and on the other wings forums i read. like i said 2 extra tickets, face value is 129 or something, we paid 145/ticket and id really like to break even on them but if we have to settle for face i can take the hit. plz anyone who reads this DM me or post on here, I can send pics or w/e to prove I got them. If you got friends who are lookin for tickets and less than stubhub prices, like i said were just trying to move them. theyre in section 14 row 93. Thanks guys
  2. UncleSam19

    What former Red Wing would u want to meet?

    I met dmac a couple years ago, i think it was game 2 v the coyotes in the playoffs 3yrs ago, where pavel shot the puck through his legs. i was pretty wasted and all i remember is saying "dude your hattrick against colorado and the goal v philly, ur the king bro" but he did sign my jersey and we had a few laughs. I would really like to meet stevie, hes always been the king. when i was younger darren pang was my coach and we played a championship game at the united center, and they gave u tickets for the game after which the hawks were playing the wings, and since panger was our coach we were all told we were gona meet stevie after the game and he would come into our lockerroom and talk to us and sign stuff. so i brought all my yzerman gear and he ended up getting kinda roughed up in practice so instead chelios came to our room and i was disappointed to say the least, i mean cheli is still awesome but its not stevie, anyway i couldnt pass up him signing my stuff so i got all kinds of yzerman gear with #24 signed on it
  3. UncleSam19

    So the consensus on Shanny's #14 is a no?

    Im new here but my opinion is, and honestly I only read about half this post before writing this so if i missed a post, i'm sorry. But people keep saying its reserved for legends, and if thats the case really only yzerman howe and lids should be up there, delvecchio, abel, lindsay, sawchuck all should be taken down. were they great hockey players? yes 100% but so were feds, shhanny, ozzy, hull, cheli, and number of other guys. and yes i know most of them didn't play theyre whole career in DET but they did play great there. and if you look at what what they did as the production line with howe, sure they were great but so were shanny and feds with yzerman... I just dont understand it...honestly i think if youre going to lock up detroit legends, leave those guys, retire shanny, feds, ozzy, holmer, the grind line, probie, and then Dats, and Z need to be in the running also.. to think that they have no shot in an era where scoring on a goalie is harder than beating the guy who dives around and acutally plays the position as well as the forwards is insane, nobody is going to put up Gretzky numbers anymore, its not going to happen. as far as legends for the the winged wheel, ozzy, holmer, shanny, feds, pav, hank, should all be up there. obv wait for pav and Z to retire but the point is the same