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  1. ngill81

    2012 Red Wings Ram ST 1500

    I appreciate you guys taking a look at this post I know Redwing fans are hard core even if you guys could tell me what we could do to make this truck more appealing or what we can change. I want do do this right so wo don't offend anyone if yall know how to contact some players to get them to place a signature on this we really want to see this thing in the right place not in Texas.
  2. ngill81

    2012 Red Wings Ram ST 1500

    We have this truck deep in the heart of Texas and it should be with a Red Wings fan or player looking for a great ride with some Detroit style. The truck is up for auction on e-bay it was built with the cloth interior and leather embroidered head rests the stickers were taken off and we are placing them back on the truck. This truck belongs to a fan who will appreciate the truck look it up with the link below and please bid on it before it ends up as just another truck. For more details or pics Contact me at Cecil Atkission Chrysler Jeep and Dodge we are serious about giving this truck a home with a fan of the Red Wings or a player. Nick Gill 409-883-2828 ext 8122