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  1. 2007 WCF Post-GAME 6: Ducks 4, Red Wings 3

    I have to disagree with you on both of those statements. He is playing behind one of the best defensive cores in the league, so saying he is a huge reason they got this far is just not right. Oh, and he definitely was one of the reasons they lost tonight there is absolutely no excuses for not freezing the puck. You can't expect a defensemen to hold off a forward until Dom decides get off his back. He without question got out played by Jiggy all series long. As far as Hasek coming back next year, I hope not. Hasek is just not a great fit for this team. This team lacks the physical presence on the blue line that can help him out.
  2. WCF Game 6 (5/22) GDT: Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    Dom doesn't deserve it? Maybe he should stop giving up so many rebounds. He isn't not at his best, nor are his teammates.
  3. WCF Post-GAME 5 (5/20): Ducks 2, Red Wings 1 (OT)

    I don't buy what some of you are selling. Yes, the Wings dominated in the skill department, but they where beaten in way to many battles along the boards and in front of both nets. Sure Jiggy looks good but he hasn't had to deal with alot of second or third chances. If the Wings start winning more of the battles; they will without question win the series. In short you can create your own "luck" by winning more battles. I expect the Wings to blow the Ducks out of the water in game six (No pun intended. )
  4. WCF Game 2 (5/13): Ducks 4, Red Wings 3 OT

    I can difinitely understand why everyone is pissed with the officiating, but the Wings have yet to put together a decent effort, and until they do they are not going to get the calls. Anaheim play is not that impressive. The Wings should win the series...
  5. Filppula, second line center?

    And he was one of the reasons they didn't win in game 3 or 4. Besides that it was a weak shot, one that I bet Kipper would love to have another crack at. Hell, even Sammy could have fired the puck like that. Honestly, the guy can't fight his through a wet paper sack, let alone fight through a check of San Jose forward. Whatever happened to the Lang that could fight off a check while taking the puck to the net and firing a wrister in the top shelf? There is no sense of urgency, no intensity, anymore. It doesn't take much to knock him off the puck, and he doesn't show much determination on trying to get the puck back. At least Sammy is putting forth the effort, even though it isn't exactly pretty. If Ansar is correct in his assumption, I would say we will see a much more assertive Lang tomorrow. Yep, UFA, and pride are good reasons to up the intensity, he is good for two goals tomorrow, but will he show up the next game? If not the hook is ready, go Flip!!!
  6. Again With The Trap...

    You beat the trap with hard work, and two of the four lines were putting in the work needed. The second line is really dragging the team down. Lang said it best when he said that the second line has to produce for the Wings to be successful in the playoffs. Yet he doesn't seem to want to put the work in that is needed for that line to be produce consistently. I was sceptical of Babcock's coaching job last year, but this year I think he really did a good, if not great job preparing this team for the playoffs. If I had one qualm with him is that he should be calling out a few players that aren't putting forth a consistent effort. According to Ansar it looks like they might give Flip the opportunity to breathe some life into that second line.
  7. OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    Unbelievable! What a top-six. This really puts the pressure on Babcock. Matthias was having a great year. I really hate to see him go, but at least it wasn't Kindl.
  8. Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    Williams for Calder, who would have though that was possible? Kenny your on a roll don't stop now.
  9. Update on Holland's search for forwards.

    From what the organization was saying during the offseason (and around Christmas) they didn't expect to be at the top of the league this year. If I remember correctly Jimmy D. stated that they were a couple years away from being a top team again. If your expectation aren't that high, why sign Guerin in the offseason, when Hudler, and Kopecky are out of options, Flip is ready to make the jump, and Willy is coming off a career year?
  10. Future Wings D

    Kindl said at the beginning of the year he wanted to put up points and that he did. I thought he did great. He bounced back from a absymal season the year before, and finished in the top five in points. I thought this was kind of interesting. He was the only defenseman in the top 5 in points that had a positive +/- (+7), besides McNeill (+26) who was in his third OHL season. Beside Kindl, the other four in top five were Canadian, and had more OHL experience (except Sanguinetti) He has alot of time to work on the decision making. I am trying to avoid the feeling he is another Schneider.
  11. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    Yeah, he plays great offense, but as far as being below average defensively I don't know about that. At this stage, there is no telling, how good he can be defensively. One thing he does have over Kronwall is size. By the time, he reaches the NHL he could become crease clearing defenseman that can provide some offense. I like Kronwall. I just think everybody is expecting to much from him. Lidstrom is one of kind.
  12. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    Don't think so?
  13. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    Kronwall will not be the "next Lidstrom" Hell, Kindl won't be "next Lidstrom" either, and he has more upside as far as being a complete defenseman (More boom then bust at this point, but that may all change). One think without a doubt is Kronwall is a good defenseman and unless you can replace him with another good defenseman than it would foolish to make the trade. Why would the Sabres want Lang, unless they were going to package him with someone else and send them to the Habs or ... ? II am assuming that pick would have to be a 1st and 2nd round pick?
  14. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    I have to agree he won't be the cornstone of the team, like Lidstrom. But he is a good solid offensive defensman that is not going to hurt the team defensively, and that is worth alot. I also agree Kindl could definitely become a better all around defenseman. Everybody seems to have Kronwall a bit over-rated, he is no Phaneuf. He is not untouchable. The wings need speed and grit. Well this would definitely give us speed in the top six and open up another hole in the bottom six to add some grit. And it does push Willy out of the top 6, and hopefully out the door. Very interesting rumour.
  15. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    Is Shanny worth 4-5 million a year. I would say without hesitation, yes. Now is he worth 4-5 million to the Wings in the salary cap era? NO! I don't see how you can keep pointing to his playoff numbers as an indication of his worth. The fact is this team for the last three years has run in to teams in the first round that played a defensive scheme that is designed to cut down on scoring chances. I don't care what "power forward" you replace Shanny with they are not going to score at a pace that is going to please anybody around here. The Wings need to go back to playing good team defense in the playoffs. They scored enough to win, but let in more than enough goals to lose. Want to blame somebody? Blame the guy in suit standing on the bench barking orders.