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  1. Yahoo Fantasy Hockey dead?

    I just signed up a couple days ago and got my team today Go Mad Dogs
  2. Franzen: "I am not a goal scorer"

    He needs to be more like Holmstrom. Holmstrom has half the talent Franzen does but he worked harder and did his job. Franzen needs to simplify and just play in front of e net.
  3. Howard's new mask

  4. New enemies, whom do you fear the most?

    I think with how they played last year the Red Wings are back on the first their especially with added scoring in Alfredson and Weisserman
  5. Howard's new mask

    The mask looks sweet adding the home town touch was nice but they should have put a picture of Joe Louis Arena on the other side instead of just the stuff on the back.
  6. New enemies, whom do you fear the most?

    Boston by very far the most dangerous team in the division possibly in the conference. Toronto: They got Phaneuf at the blue line and some other decent players but goaltending is an issue. Canadians: Strong goaltending but the scoring just isn't there. Tampa Bay:Steve Yzerman will get to go back to the stadium he should have stayed at but back to the point they lost Lecavalier which is a big scoring chunk out of the team now Yzerman has done well rebuilding this team but they aren't going to be able to contend. Florida: Do I even have to cover this one nobody cares. Ottawa: Good goaltending but one of their best scorers is now wearing the winged wheel so they will make the playoffs but their not a team to fear. Buffalo: Goaltending issues have arrised and scoring is just not there expect them to finish last or close to it. Boston: The most fear inducing team in the league yes they lost Horton but gained Iginla and considering Horton's hurt I don't think they mind losing him to gain Iginla. Goaltending is rock solid if Rask stays healthy and Chara will bounce back from his Stanley Cup slouch. This team may go to the Cup finals again with this team.