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  1. Howard is playoff money so far. Good on him.
  2. Boston has no answer for Detroit's speed= wear them down. It's only going to get worse for Boston the longer it goes.
  3. Maybe not tonight but when the Red Wings see this Lucic better keep his head up or maybe someone walks him......
  4. Boston can't hit what they can't catch. It will be their demise,and Howard looking sharp.
  5. GDT

    Seriously. This season is Twilight Zone. Remember all the angst about being up against the salary cap,can't get the young guns in. Need IR and waivers to make roster spots and now to this.My head is spinning and I thought the flight was bad. Good game guys!
  6. GDT

    What is going on?????????? I just got back from a 3 week vacation and the Wings have dropped in the standings, the injury report looks larger than the lineup, and the rest just beat the Kings. Am I in the twilight zone? and BTW what happened to Alfie? Goodness...........
  7. gdt

    Can't wait for the game, I really hope Alfie can go! LGW!
  8. gdt

    Is Alfie playing???
  9. GDT

    Applaud! Win or lose/ good or bad you guys are class just like your team. It breaks my heart to see Alfie leave Ottawa but he landed in a good place. If Ottawa doesn't make it ( not likely) I'll be cheering my heart out for you....wait I already am.
  10. gdt

    Great win for the Wings! Awesome. Period. I think this is a turning point. Tatar and Nyqvist are up and guess what? They score, have speed and are game changers. Shades of last years playoffs. Finally this team has the pieces in place. THIS is the team the East should be worried about- you can't hit what you can't catch. Group grope and back off from the cliff everyone.
  11. gdt

    Detroit is playing a helluva gusty game IMHO. Props to Smith- guys got heart.Sens are playing craptastic as usual and don't deserve the lead. Maybe I'm crazy but the Eastern conference is so chippy compared to the West. That being said I hate to see Detroit skill players getting smashed and roughed up. That was my major concern about them making the switch to the East. Boston and Philly are no sweathearts either.
  12. gdt

    Funny quote from an Ottawa fan: Detroit looked extremely good in their last game when Nyquist was called up, he was buzzing all night long. If Cleary gets to play 15 minutes, we will win. He's so bad at this point, I swear that you'd think that he never played hockey in his life.
  13. gdt

    Great GDT! Good fun.... Both teams are having their struggles so it should be interesting. I'm disappointed Alfie is out but it is what it is. I'm excited to see Tatar and Nyqvist play though. No idea what Ottawa team is going to show up but we have released the Lehner.
  14. I wonder if Ottawa would consider picking him up for nothing to help stabilize the bottom 6. A redo of sorts...I always liked the guy.