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  1. T.OWingsFan

  2. 2/5 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Predators 3

    Anyone have a decent link the Sopcast I'm watching it choppy.
  3. 11/24 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Thrashers 5

    Anyone got a stream?
  4. 11/21 GDT: Flames 4 at Red Wings 5 (OT)

  5. 11/21 GDT: Flames 4 at Red Wings 5 (OT)

    Wonderful. Thanks! I don't know how we're loosing to this bunch of clowns from Calgary, but we need a monster 3rd here.
  6. 11/21 GDT: Flames 4 at Red Wings 5 (OT)

    Anyone got a stream????
  7. Devils dress 17 players

    Everyone I think jumps the gun with Lou on the Kovalchuk deal. Not once in his career do I remember Lou overpaying for a forward. He's let great players walk away from NJ due to not wanting to match their salary demands. NJ has a new building, and a Brodeur approaching retirement. The Kovalchuk deal smacks of one of ownership directly telling Lou they wanted Kovalchuk in order to help fill a new building after the old star(s) retire. A very un-Lou like deal.
  8. Greg Brady now on FAN590 in Toronto

    Greg Brady was on AM640 with Bill Waters no? Did he move and get his own show? It's well known he makes no secret that he is a Red Wings fan. He even calls Crosby the "Crosbytron 8700" because he's such a fake little ****.
  9. Blackhawks Like Repeat Chances

    This is the clank from the Leafs that I've seen for a while now? If he's on your first line....well I was gonna say something bad but screw it! Put him on Blackhawks I wanna have a laugh.
  10. To all Canadians

    I always had a hate on for the Leafs and the Wings were in the old Norris division with them so we actually saw a whole lot of them on TV here. Well I must have been 8 or 9 years old when I first saw Sergei Fedorov and let me tell you....WOW! Was the most exciting player I had ever seen. I mean, with his Central Red Army card too, you gotta remember this was the end of the Cold War. Eventhough I was young I still remember seeing the wall fall and Yeltsin take power in Russia etc etc. Up until then the Ruskies had been the evil empire in all the movies etc. It was like suddenly the enemy wasn't so evil. This Beckett from 1991. I have the fondest memories of all Sergei's cards and especially that magazine. I feel privileged. I was drawn to the Wings and Feds before they were winners. I can't stand it when people claim I'm a bandwagon fan. Figure that out though. I'm not even from Detroit and liked the Wings while they were still the Dead Things.
  11. Good old Regular Season Joe

    He's done nothing like he always does. Fact is he didn't underachieve. He didn't because who in reality expects that slug/loser to do anything anyways?
  12. LOL at the Sharks

    This series was closer than it looked. SJ just needed some 5 on 3's is all. Bunch of douches. I don't care about Chicago as they at least have a talented team, but to be kicked out by those diving softie douchbags thornton and co only for them to be found out and swept next round hurts. SJ the chokers.
  13. Over/Under?

    Ya they played awesome. Winning and tying goals in games 1 and 2 on 5 on 3's. The series winning goal was a microcosm is the series as a whole; Brutal blindside elbow interference on Franzen in the middle of the Sharks zone, no call. Next shift, goal. Definitely deserving.
  14. Detroit is old and one win wont change that.

    Ok, the old guys who probably are coming to an end in terms of real substantial usefulness for the Wings are; Maltby Draper Bertuzzi May Osgood The only other older players we have which are really up there but still very much in the mix are Lidstrom and Rafalski who are leading the playoffs for defenceman pts. IF Norris Nik comes back, we're fine. Just lighten his workload during the regular season as Kronwall and Stuart are primed for more minutes and have impressed me with their responsible play. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Flip and Franzen are still far from old. Loosing the 5 I mentioned will mean our average age drops significantly. Malts Osgoof and Drapes will be staying with our organization in some capacity I have no doubt. So all of a sudden our average age drops significantly without any real loss. Abdelkader and Helm are replacing Malts and Drapes. And a for the author, I may remind him that Belfour from that Dallas team led his Leafs to conference finals playing out of his mind, Brett Hull won a cup with us.
  15. Homer's slashing penalty and Z's disallowed goal

    SJ has had more power plays in 3 games than most teams do in 7 games. Almost 30 by my count. And the vast majority have been like Homer's above phantom slash. Including a 4 minute highsticking penalty against Setogouchi which somehow transformed into a Franzen penalty and then a 5 on 3. Also throw in 3 goalie interference penalties where in all 3 cases no one was in the blue paint. No, the refs haven't done a thing. Only snuffing out Detroit everytime momentum seems to shift. Only making the Red Wings play a man down for half a game. Not at all.