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  1. GDT

    I think our energy would have been totally different if we had thrown away last night's game. That win coupled with Helm's return is the best kind of motivation, the kind that comes from internal confidence and passion.
  2. GDT

    What a return for 43!!!!
  3. I know a lot of you have been ragging on our overall performance tonight but damn if these aren't my favorite games - the ones where we let them think they may beat us, then...BOOM B*TCHES.
  4. Abby!!!!!! Feels much better with that little padding!
  5. Love ozzie but he is executing this job like a high schooler on a "take your kid to work day".
  6. And that is what upset me about him leaving - he left right when he was starting to really cut his teeth offensively. Love my Hudler, damn you Flames! Now there's a blowfest waiting to happen.
  7. gdt

    Oh fun! A ginger-in-the-box!
  8. gdt

    You just made my night.
  9. gdt

    Hey now. I cried when Hudler left. Tears of "I never got to see his oh face". I suppose the faceswap will have to do.
  10. gdt

    Exactly. The ASSist goes to Luongo.
  11. gdt

    And a little Tatar sauce with that Alfie goal!
  12. gdt

    Haha! Who am I kidding, I'd totes sleep with our offense anyway.
  13. gdt

    Forget the Belle Tire hag, I'd sleep with our offense right now if it'd keep the momentum going.
  14. gdt

    Thank you Alfie! Really lovin' this guy. Really.
  15. gdt

    Good to see Jimmy's back on the job of saving our a**es again.