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  1. Bert will be miles ahead of Mantha in three years. Tough, competitive, a gamer. I am at almost every Griffin game and it is apples and oranges. Mantha scores, but is not a two way player. Bert is going to grind, which the wings sorely miss right now. Watch the game tomorrow and see if you agree.
  2. All of us have our opinions and I am sure that we all feel strongly about what we think. I am of the Scotty B era and before. You need experience, and defense. Mantha brings neither. The cup is a muck it up and stay steady game. We are not the Hall of Fame Wings of old. We are a young and fast team that does not have a shut down defense. We need a goalie to get hot. Plain and simple.
  3. GDT

    Correct. Mantha is Franzen II. Scores but does not cover D.
  4. Russo was New York 4th in 2011. Played at Notre Dame. He has been coming on strong lately. Leads the Griffins at +45. Yeah, thats what I said. #20 Renouf (re-NUFF) is out of Pickering Ont. 3 years at Maine. He played his first game tonight for the Griffins and looked like he knew what he was doing. Only once did I see him swimming on the ice. Physical and good outlet passes. Played left D.
  5. I'm at almost every game and work some of them also. I know each has his own viewpoint and that is fine. My take is he is going and trying but usually he sits back 5' off the boards and lets his linemate work the board.
  6. Callahan is out again with another puck to the face. 4 weeks minimum. Too bad, he was just starting to come back into his own again. Mantha, while scoring and assisting, still will not go into the corners. He has the Jimmy Carson syndrome. Not sure it will ever work with the Red Wings.
  7. He just reminds me of Franzen. Listen to his interviews. He is calm, matter of fact etc. Floats around and gets you angry and then scores a great goal. Doesn't go into the corner. Rarely comes away with the puck along the boards. I hope that he develops into something, but I would not hold my breath and I would not offer a 10 year contract either.
  8. signed

    I watched him last night again. He acts like Dats when the game needs to be taken over. He just started taking controlling play on a few shifts to urge the players on. Just my observation. He has that "thing" that Z , Stevie, and Dats have. Winner. PS, I hope he rubs off on Mantha.
  9. Clendening. But I listened on the radio to the first game and I was wondering how Glennie had cleared waivers to play for the Griffs.
  10. Scrums at the end of the game. Does a game mis. carry over to the next in the AHL? Chicago (rckf) was ugly at the end and the Griffins stood up to the BS.
  11. I understand I think what Jimmy is doing. Mantha needs a REALLY strong dose of humble pie and then get put straight after that. Tear down and rebuild. He has all the tools, but the biggest thing is his lack of toughness and determination to go after the puck. I saw why he had no minutes in game 5. He lost every puck battle that I saw. I think he really thought at the beginning of the year that he was going to walk up into Detroit with all the hype.
  12. I've been watching Mantha all season. My fear is he ends up another Franson. Right now, he is not aggresive along the boards and looses most of those battles. He also is slow getting back on defense. What he does have is a great set of hands and some speed. It's just that the drive seems to be lacking.
  13. The NHL really needs to go to the OT format that the AHL has. 3 on 3 is so much better than the shoot out.
  14. The rumor I heard down at the Van Andle is that he went home to Sweden. Not sure what will happen with him and his contract. I can't see him walking away from all that money but it would be nice to free up more cap space.
  15. Mitch played a great game last night. Our defense looked lost at times. Blind passes to no one up the boards. Also saw 5 scouts taking notes up in section 207. Not sure where they were from.