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  1. Not sure if I should laugh or cry right now or both
  2. GDT

    Well at least the pain is over
  3. GDT

  4. GDT

    WOW, can we please SHOOT THE PUCK??!!! this is an elimination game btw tatar
  5. GDT

    lets get some urgency out there boys, put out the young guys!
  6. GDT

    Great way to end the period, a goal and a good start to the PK! lets carry his momentum to the third!
  7. GDT

    Our grinders the best dangler out there tonight haha! lets keep up the intensity now
  8. GDT

    AA better get more time this game than nyquist and tatar, love this kid!!
  9. gdt

    Let the whining continue.... As disappointing as that 3rd period was, it wasn't a bad game considering our top guys were invisible. We've got a bunch of old guys who are at the ends of their careers and some rookies with no playoff experience. It was GAME 1. Nothing compared to the Bruins and Rangers games
  10. GDT

    We have a bad period and everyone instantly throws the towel in?
  11. GDT

    Love how we're skating this game
  12. GDT

    Can we just play Athanasiou, Larkin and Glendening for the rest of the game? Edit: Nevermind after that shift
  13. GDT

    Ugh it hurts me to watch Zetterberg take dumb Ericsson like penalties.....
  14. GDT

    Glendening for MVP
  15. I feel like we traded spots with the oilers