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  1. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Panthers 3 (SO)

    Thanks. I heard about Hockeytown Cafe and it sounded like a cool idea, but a little pricey. Willing to do that anyways most likely.
  2. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Panthers 3 (SO)

    I noticed we struggle a good bit in shootout. Is that just a statistical oddity? Or has this been a significant problem for awhile?
  3. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Panthers 3 (SO)

    Tough game. It's been a struggle without Hank and Pavel, but hopefully we hit our stride soon. The Pistons got their ass kicked also. Wasn't a good night for Detroit. I had been wanting to find a hockey forum because A) It's hard to find hockey fans in East Tennessee and B) I'm a fairly new fan. I know the rules of hockey, and I've gotten down some of the salary cap rules, but I know nothing of the fundamentals and what not of hockey. This seems like a good site to start at and I am excited to follow it. I grew up and still ive in East Tennessee and have followed my father in his love of Detroit sports. I also had a question for you guys. For Christmas/Birthday, my father and I are going to our first ever Detroit Red Wings game this Sunday against the Lightning. I was wondering if there is anything around or at Jou Louis to do. It can be Red Wing related or not but we are going to have all day Sunday before the game and just wanted to see if there was anything out there. Sorry to post this in the game thread, but I didn't know where exactly to put this. Thanks for the responses.