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  1. gdt

    Did anyone else notice how many times the Wizard of Oz said Howard looked good,was back to the ol Howard,man this guy is as bad a judge of talent as he is an announcer,I think all the eropean players are saving it for the Olympics
  2. gdt

    Is there any muscle in Grand Rapids? These ******* use Z's head for a hammer and noone does jack,and when was the last time you saw anyone Kornwalled? Does he only do that in the playoffs?
  3. Datsyuk gets hammered in the face,no one steps up,Abe gets nailed in the head,no one steps up,all the teams see this an see they can take out any player on the Wings with no retaliation,don't think Mac or Joey would allow that
  4. Ozzie puts me to sleep with that monotone voice,he's terrible